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Where to hunt Himalayan Tahr

Himalayan Tahr, as the name suggests, is the native of the Himalayas. It is endangered across most of its original range, and hunting Himalayan Tahr there are strictly limited. Fortunately for the species (and mountain hunters), a healthy free-ranging population exist in New Zealand, which is currently the prime destination for Himalayan Tahr hunting. Legal options to hunt Himalayan Tahr also exist in countries like Macedonia and Argentina.

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Hunting Himalayan Tahr in Nepal will cost in the neighborhood of $25,000-$30,000. For less pricier opportunities check out countries where Himalayan Tahr were introduced. Of those New Zealand offers the most affordable Himalayan Tahr hunts, that will cost you from $5,000 for a basic hunt to $7,000-$10,000 for a longer adventure with helicopter transfer to a spike camp in an otherwise inaccessible wilderness.

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New Zealand is by far the most popular destination for Tahr hunters these days, featuring both high densities of the species and affordable rates. But there are more than one reason to come and hunt in this wonderful country. Learn more about New Zealand and its advantages as a hunting destination.

23 Aug 2016 3 reasons to hunt in New Zealand

When to hunt Himalayan Tahr?

Himalayan Tahr hunting season in Nepal is open in October-November and March-April. In areas where Himalayan Tahr was introduced, most notably New Zealand, hunting is possible all year; however, aerial access to some areas could be closed in certain periods. Typically for the ungulates, the rut is the best time to hunt Tahr. In New Zealand it usually occurs in late spring.


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Himalayan Tahr are typically found on higher elevations than most other mountain game. This puts extra requirements to the physical condition of the hunter and may call for an additional day or two of adjustment. The Tahr commonly move up and down during the day, descending to the alpine meadows to feed, and ascending to the mountain tops to rest and chew cud. Old males that are targeted by mountain hunters are often the most conspicuous, and at the same time the most difficult to approach. They typically “stand guard” above family groups on high cliffs, and stay extremely alert. Spot and stalk is the go-to method for Tahr hunting. Long shots at a small target in unpredictable winds make Himalayan Tahr hunting as challenging and exciting as any other mountain hunt.

Why hunt Himalayan Tahr?

Himalayan Tahr hunting has a strong conservation significance. With human encroachment and habitat loss across its native range, it was once on the brink of extinction. Today, very limited and highly regulated hunting is used to finance conservation and restoration projects in its native Nepal. A great assistance and assurance comes from the New Zealand population, which was created in the early XX century by sportsmen, and has by now grown so much that their numbers must be seriously controlled to protect the indigenous fauna. The thrill that the hunters experience while pursuing this noble and worthy quarry translates into security of the species. And both the Himalayas or the mountains of New Zealand offer most striking landscapes and belong to the must-visit places.

Tahr and Silver Red Stag up to 370 SCI

Tahr and Silver Red Stag up to 370 SCI

10 1 review
New Zealand
Himalayan tahr, Red deer
Trip duration: 5 days
Hunting season: 1 Mar 2022 - 31 Jul 2022
Package price
for 5 days, 1 hunter, 1 guest
Ultimate Free-range Tahr Hunt

Ultimate Free-range Tahr Hunt

9.8 8 reviews
New Zealand
Himalayan tahr
Trip duration: 3 days
Hunting season: 1 Mar 2021 - 30 Sep 2022
Package price
for 3 days, 1 hunter
Himalaya Thar Hunt

Himalaya Thar Hunt

9.3 2 reviews
Himalayan tahr
Trip duration: 1 day
Hunting season: 1 Jan 2021 - 1 Feb 2022
Package price
for 1 day, 1 hunter
Himalayan Tahr

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