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Where to hunt Grizzly

Grizzly, strictly speaking, is only a common name for the brown bears that historically existed in North America from the Great Plains and everywhere else, with the exception of the Pacific Coast of Alaska, where the bears are called brown bears. Genetic studies confirm, however, that it is the same species. Habitat loss and conflicts with humans have dramatically reduced the grizzly range, but the numbers are slowly recovering, and grizzly hunts in the Lower 48 are widely discussed. Until they become a reality, though, the only two areas in North America where you can legally go grizzly hunting are Alaska and Yukon.

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The grizzly hunts take place in limited and difficult to access areas of Alaska and Canada. No wonder they command premium prices. A grizzly hunt with a reputable and well-equipped outfitter will start at about $12,000 and run all the way to $20,000. Combine a grizzly hunt with a caribou or mountain sheep hunt for better overall value.

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Since the dawn of times, bears and humans were two similar, intelligent and omnivorous species that competed for the same environment and food sources. No wonder the idea of bear hunting still makes people very emotional, on both sides of the hunting debate. Let’s have a look at some of the arguments for and against grizzly hunting in the Lower 48.

24 May 2018 Wyoming’s Grizzly Season: The Why’s and Why-Not’s

When to hunt Grizzly?

There are two main seasons for bear hunting: in spring, after the bruins leave their dens, and in the fall, before the denning time. The former runs in March to May, the latter - August to October. Both seasons are similar, in that bears feed actively, in order to accumulate enough fat for the denning, or to compensate for calorie loss during winter sleep, and concentrate around preferred food sources. In addition, less dense vegetation makes it easier to locate a bear and estimate its size.


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People invented many ways of bear hunting: over bait, with dogs, on dens, etc. But in the USA and Canada the most common way of grizzly hunting is spot and stalk. This may be more complicated than a typical brown bear hunts, because grizzlies are seldom found on salmon rivers. Grizzly hunting is dangerous game hunting, so be sure you’re packing an adequate rifle and load combination, and listen to your guide well.

Why hunt Grizzly?

Grizzly bear, whatever the genetics says, is noticeably different from the rest of the brown bear populations in both looks (characteristic “grizzled” hair) and behavior. All brown bears combine predation and foraging for plant food in their diet, but grizzlies are less vegetarian and more carnivorous than the average bear. This influences their attitude: grizzlies are some of the most aggressive bears in the world - no wonder early American explorers christened them Ursus horribilis - and grizzly hunting is probably the only true dangerous game hunting available in North America. Bear hunting is a highly emotional business, and It is the primal emotions that make hunters go find bears, not the prospect of a big rug or entry in the trophy book.

Fall Arctic Grizzly Bear 1x1 '21

Fall Arctic Grizzly Bear 1x1 '21 United States

Known for the unique variations in their color patterns, long thick hair, and impressive claws, Arctic Grizzlies are beautiful animals with a fascinating adaptability to their landscape. This is a fall hunt that takes place in the Brooks Range late August to mid September. This is a "spot-and-stalk style hunt that is very glassing-intensive and may require long hikes over open terrain. Caribou may be added for a $4,000 trophy fee. This is often a good combination to add. Please be advised, that while we will take bow hunters, this is not ideal terrain for such a hunt. This hunt is 1 guide per hunter and includes 1 trophy Arctic Grizzly. Wolves may be hunted for no additional fee. 10 hunting days and 12 total trip days.

Trip duration: 10 days

Hunting season: 25 Aug 2021 15 Sep 2021

Package price $17,500 for 10 days, 1 hunter
Brooks Range Grizzly Hunt

Brooks Range Grizzly Hunt United States

The Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos) is the smaller inland cousin of the Brown Bear. The Grizzly’s in my area are mountain dwellers in the true sense. Most bears that we take are in the 6 ½ to 7 ½ foot range. Due to the lack of protein and very short growing season, these Grizzly Bears are not able to reach the massive size of the bears in southern parts of the state. These bears depend mainly on berries, roots, ground squirrels and the occasional dead caribou for food. They are plentiful yet can be challenging to hunt. Like the Brown Bear, they have an amazing sense of smell and surprisingly acute eye sight. An Arctic Grizzly is a truly beautiful animal that you will have to see to fully appreciate. Hunt method for Grizzly is almost all spot and stalk. We also hike up and down the valleys looking for them in areas where the habitat is likely to hold a bear. The best way is to sit on a hill overlooking a small valley with plenty of berry bushes and watch for bears. HUNT DATES: August 7 - 19 and August 19 -30 Caribou may be taken on a trophy fee basis. $4500 + Tag fee Dall Sheep may also be added for Trophy fee + tag fee GrizzlyTag: $1000 for non-residents, $1300 for non-resident aliens Charter fee: $2000 payable to the Air Charter company in Cold Foot Hunters may take wolf at no charge plus tag fee Tag: $60 for non-residents, $100 for non-resident Aliens

Trip duration: 10 days

Hunting season: 7 Aug 2021 30 Aug 2021

Package price $12,500 for 10 days, 1 hunter
2021 Western Alaska Fall Grizzly Hunt

2021 Western Alaska Fall Grizzly Hunt United States

Alaska is home to 80% of the brown/grizzly bears. The term grizzly bear is often used in reference to brown bears. The difference between the two is defined by the location in which they inhabit, SCI does this by game management area and B&C us the 62nd parallel. Our camp located in western Alaska is within the SCI boundaries for grizzly bears. During August and September in Western Alaska, grizzly hunts are at peak. As the banks of streams thrive with thick stands of wild berries, the interior grizzlies wander down the hillsides to claim their share. This is the annual fall feast that fuels these giants for the winter, and there can be little wonder why it makes for some of the finest bear hunting found anywhere. Our success also hinges on using modern, dependable, and well maintained gear. We have much invested in our operation, and we maintain it as such. We operate from an array of various out-camps that were chosen for their proximity to wild game. This ensures that valuable time is maximized, so that every client has the best chance of finding success. By operating all of our own planes, jet boats, and snow machines, we take full control over every variable that might present itself. No two grizzly bear hunts are ever identical, but our experience means that there is little we aren’t prepared for. We take 8 hunters per year on this hunt and have averaged 90% success rate, with the average bear squaring 7.5 foot. Hunts can be 1x1 or 2x1 and will be from tented spike camps. Each camp has two tents so the client get their own tent, camps will have cots and sleeping pads.

Trip duration: 10 days

Hunting season: 1 Sep 2021 20 Sep 2021

Package price $18,000 for 10 days, 1 hunter

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