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Where to hunt Chapman's Zebra

Chapman’s Zebra is a subspecies of the Plains Zebra. It is characterized by a unique stripe color scheme. Chapman’s zebras are born with brown, rather than black, stripes, and while some of the brown stripes will turn black as the animals matures, others often don’t. These “ghost” stripes in Chapman’s Zebra are usually very pronounced, so that the hump of the animal looks more white-brown than black. On the lower half of the legs the stripes break up into irregular brown spots. Chapman’s Zebra hunting is open in Mozambique.

Price distribution

The trophy fee for a Chapman’s Zebra in Mozambique is about $3,000. With the daily rates added, the price of a safari will start at a bit over $4,000. Few hunters would want to go to this wilderness for just one animal, so the grand total will depend on what other animals, in addition to Chapman’s Zebra, you’re willing to add to the trophy list.

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Zebra is often one of the trophies people consider for their first African hunt. This blog post will tell you about other popular trophies, and help you navigate between “daily rates”, “trophy fees”, and other things that go into the price of a safari - and suggest tips how to make it more affordable.

17 Aug 2017 All said and done: What’s the bottom line for an average South African hunt?

When to hunt Chapman's Zebra?

The hunting season in Mozambique is open from April 1 to November 30. Most outfitters prefer to schedule plains game hunts to the last months of the dry season, that is, August to October, when the old grass is burned and new grass appears, attracting the animals and improving visibility. Hunts near the start and end of the seasons may be too hot and wet for some hunters.


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Chapman’s Zebra, like all Plains Zebra, prefer wide open plains with grass for grazing and water not too far away. They live in family groups, either a stallion with a harem of mares and their young, or bachelor groups of males. Often a number of family groups join together to form a big herd that may number hundreds of animals. The Zebra don’t rely on “hide” strategy to escape predators; as soon as one animal senses danger, it gives an alarm call, and the whole herd takes flight. This makes them a very challenging object of spot-and-stalk hunting. A hunter must be ready for a quick long shot, and quick long shots on windy African planes can be quite challenging.

Why hunt Chapman's Zebra?

Zebra hunting offers a unique challenge and a different edge to your plains game safari. Zebras are a staple food for lions, crocodiles, and other African predators - but not always for humans. In many European cultures there’s a taboo on eating horseflesh, and many hunters would not want to try a zebra. But those who do often report that it’s some of the tastiest flesh they’ve ever eaten. The skin of the zebra is one of the most popular trophies that hunters bring home from African safaris. Whether you use it as a carpet on the wall or a rug on the floor, or make a more original taxidermy out of it, the striking black-and-white stripes will be a constant reminder of the experience - and an endless inspiration to think about enigmatic Africa.

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Chapman's Zebra

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