Bohor Reedbuck hunting

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Where to hunt Bohor Reedbuck

Bohor Reedbuck favour swamps, floodplains, open marshland and riverine areas with extensive reed beds. The Bohor species of Reedbuck are found across Western, Central and North-eastern Africa with many of the subspecies deriving their name from the region in which they occur. The Eastern Bohor Reedbuck is available for hunting in Uganda and Tanzania. The Nigerian Bohor Reedbuck can be hunted in Central African Republic and Cameroon. The Abyssinian Bohor Reedbuck is hunted in Ethiopia. The largest of the Bohor Reedbuck, Sudan or Nile Bohor Reedbuck may be hunted in Uganda.

Price distribution

The hunting price range for Bohor Reedbuck varies by territory and in some territories they charge in Euros, so make a note of the currency quoted for the hunt. In Tanzania, a Bohor Reedbuck may only be hunted on a 16-21 day license with an average daily rate of $1,200 per day and a trophy fee of $850 excluding license fees, community and anti-poaching fees. In Cameroon, a 7-10 day safari will also cost approximately $1,200 per day, plus the previously mentioned extras, with a trophy fee of $450-$900.

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When to hunt Bohor Reedbuck?

In Tanzania the hunting season is open from 1 July to 31 December. In the Cameroon the season starts on the 15 December in some regions and most close in April before the rains. One of the advertised territories is open until May. Always seek out the driest part of the hunting season when the grass is short and the bush fires have reduced the availability of long grass and reeds which the Reedbuck use for cover.


Hunting methods

This species of Reedbuck live loosely in small groups making use of long grass and reed beds for cover in which to hide. Due to their solitary behaviour it is best to stalk along the edges of their preferred habitat. The best time to hunt them is early in the morning and late afternoon where they will break cover to feed, especially on emerging green grass on burnt areas. Be ready for a quick shot as they tend to jump up at the last minute out of their resting place, sometimes stopping to look back, giving you enough time for a quick shot.

Why hunt Bohor Reedbuck?

The name ‘Bohor’ is derived from the local Amharic vernacular. The species was originally named the Northern Abyssinian Reedbuck. Many of the subspecies of this antelope are named after its country or region of distribution. Budget wise, this is an affordable species that should not be overlooked when the opportunity arises. It makes for a great shoulder mount, pedestal mount or even a European skull mounted on a shield looks pretty awesome. If you want to keep the natural look of the horns, ensure your taxidermist does not polish them. Reedbuck make up some of the best tasting camp meals, so be sure to give it a try while you are in Africa.

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Bohor Reedbuck

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