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Where to hunt Balearian Goat

The Balearian Goat, or Balearian Boc, is endemic to the Balearian islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea near Spain, most notably on the Tramontana range in Mallorca. Like the Mouflon, they were introduced to the islands by humans in times immemorial, presumably by the Phoenicians circa 2,000 b.c. After so many generations in freedom, you’d never know they were, and in fact the SCI recognizes Balearan Boc as part of the Capra slam.

Price distribution

The average price of a Balearian Goat hunt is about $6,000, although you can find a discounted hunt a bit cheaper. The hunt price is usually made up of the daily rate (about $500) and the trophy fee. The trophy fee may depend on the size of the horns, and some outfitters may charge up to $10,000 for a record animal.

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When to hunt Balearian Goat?

Balearian Goat hunting in Mallorca is open all year round, providing a great opportunity to combine a hunt with a beach vacation on one of the most esteemed resorts of the Mediterranean. For the hunter who is serious about getting a good hunt and a good trophy, however, the best time for Balearean Boc hunting is October and November, when the animals have the rut.


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Balearian Goat hunting does not differ in principle from other forms of mountain hunting. You’ll have to do a fair bit of climbing before you reach an observation point high up, from which you and your guide will scan the area for a suitable trophy. Once such is identified, it’s some more climbing before you stalk it into range. The guide will estimate the trophy size and give you the go-ahead to shoot. The difficulty of the hunt may vary; for extra challenge consider hunting with a bow or crossbow.

Why hunt Balearian Goat?

Have you ever, while chilling on a Mediterranean beach, found yourself scanning the mountains for silhouettes of wild animals and wished you could be up there, with rifle or bow in hand? Balearian Goat hunting in Mallorca gives you a chance to do just that. Balearian Goat is a unique and impressive animal, with short red and black hair, males sporting a long black beard and a cross-shaped figure of black hair on their shoulders. They resemble certain varieties of Spanish Ibex in appearance, especially the shape of the horns. The horns grow sideways and then curl back in a loose spiral. Balearian Goat hunting is a good option for someone who wishes to try mountain hunting without sacrificing a family vacation, but beware! The experience may leave you wanting to continue until you complete the Super 30 Capra slam!

Balearian Boc Hunt

Balearian Boc Hunt Spain

The Balearian goat or “Boc”, lives on the island of Mallorca, in eastern Spain of the country, in the heart of the Mediterranean sea. Recently added to SCI trophy book, the balerian goat or “Boc” is indigenous to the island of Mallorca. We hunt the magnificent “Sierra de la Tramontana” where the population is abundant. Mallorca is easy accessible from any city on the peninsula via air, the flight take about one hour.

Trip duration: 2 - 4 days

Hunting season: 1 Jul 2020 1 Jul 2021

Price from $6,903 for 2 days, 1 hunter
Balearian Boc Hunt

Balearian Boc Hunt Spain

This is the last spanish animal added to the SCI's trophy list. Only found in the Balearean Islands. It is possible to hunt it all year round

Trip duration: 2 - 3 days

Hunting season: 1 Jan 2021 31 Dec 2021

Price from $6,505 for 2 days, 1 hunter
Balearian Boc hunt Mallorca 19-20

Balearian Boc hunt Mallorca 19-20 Spain

Outstanding free range hunting for Balearian Goat in on of the best hunting areas Mallorca has to offer. Upon arrival to the airport you will be met by our representative who will take care of customs formalities and then transfer you to the hunting ground where you will be guided by our PH and local guide. This hunt is for adventure hunters who want to experience mountain hunting in Spain. Upon arrival at Mallorca´s airport you will meet our outfitter/PH and after paperwork is done, we make a 1h car drive to the hunting grounds where we will start hunting. We strongly recommend to have insurance and to book at least 3 days so we are not in a rush for transfers. Before every hunt we test rifles. Depending on conditions, we use 4x4 vehicles or walk through the hunting grounds to spot the animals. After spotting the animals, we will start the stalk on foot. The last part of the hunt is exciting testing the hunter’s nerve system, because selecting the right trophy is not an easy task!. After approaching a lonely animal or a herd, there will normally be an opportunity to find support for the rifle when you are shooting. After successfully taking the animal we will pick the trophy, measure it & tag it. An honest and clear fee system with a painless booking & administration process. Note** SCI score is different than CIC. Within the price, we consider the CIC score so the SCI score of trophies is actually higher** Note** Balearian Boc is valid for the GSCO CAPRA SLAM (Super 20-30) Note** The itinerary can be arranged upon request & combined with tourism** Note** We highly recommend light rifles with calibers suitable for long shots & powerful scopes that you are comfortable with**. After you successfully take the animal we will transfer you to Madrid for departure! Do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns.

Trip duration: 1 - 7 days

Hunting season: 5 Feb 2020 5 Jan 2021

Price from $4,885 for 1 day, 1 hunter
Balearian Goat

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