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The range of the white-tailed deer covers almost all North America. They are most common everywhere east of the Rocky Mountains. From the Rockies west, mule deer and black-tailed deer dominate, but whitetails are still found in river bottom areas and lower foothills in many western states. Whitetails are also found in many other areas of the world where they have been introduced, including New Zealand, Finland, the Czech Republic, and Serbia. Record books recognize a wide variety of subspecies, from Coues whitetails to Texas whitetails to northern whitetails, but the differences are largely in size and geographic region. Northern whitetails of Canada and the northern Midwest are the largest in body size; body size tends to get smaller the farther south you go, although antler size does not necessarily do the same, as some Texas whitetails have antlers that rival their northern cousins.

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Guided whitetail deer hunts start at about $300-$500, depending on the location and duration of the hunt. Archery and muzzleloader hunts, where the chance to harvest a trophy is smaller, are typically cheaper. Prices increase with trip duration, the work that the outfitter has put in to improve the trophy quality and abundance, or the need to travel into remote areas, but most will cost under $3,500. The hunts offered around the $10,000 mark on are mostly combination hunts with other animals, or calculated for a party of 3-4 hunters.

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When most Americans say “deer”, they typically mean “whitetail”, but there are other kinds of deer in North America. How many are there? Three? Six? Fifty-eight? Eighty? Select your answer and read our blog story to check yourself. Don’t forget that no matter how many kinds of deer there are, each of them represent an exciting opportunity for a challenging hunt.

April 26, 2018 How Many Kinds of Deer Are There in North America?

When to hunt White Tailed Deer?

Whitetail deer hunting season is generous, beginning in August or September in most states and provinces, and often lasting well into the next year. However, the greater part of it is typically archery only, with the modern firearm seasons limited to a few weeks in October-November. This season usually coincides with the rut, which is generally supposed to be the best time to hunt white-tailed deer.


Hunting methods All hunting methods (13)

Whitetails are hunted with a variety of methods depending on terrain, habits, and local laws and traditions. Most common is stand hunting, where a hunter watches from a likely area, either from a treestand or ground blind. In some states such as Texas and Michigan, baiting is legal, and hunters may be positioned near a feeder or bait pile. Driving is also a traditional method of deer hunting, especially in Eastern states that are thickly wooded. Still-hunting and spot-and-stalk are the most challenging and rewarding methods.

Why hunt White Tailed Deer? All hunts (338)

White-tailed deer are by far the most common ungulate in North America, and one of the world’s most popular animals to hunt. There’s a reason for this: While whitetails are extremely abundant throughout most of their range, they are wary and very challenging to hunt. Some hunters pursue whitetails to put healthy, organic, local meat in their freezer; others - for the challenge of outsmarting an old, mature buck, while for someone else the most important part of it is being in the same old autumn woods that their ancestors hunted for generations. But in any case a white-tailed deer hunt is a continuation of the tradition that is as old as America itself.

Whitetail Deer-Archery 2019

Whitetail Deer-Archery 2019 United States

Fully guided and includes your lodging and an optional meal plan! Tripp County is home to outstanding mule deer and white-tail bucks, along with antelope. Our hunter will have access to hundreds of thousands of prime hunting acres between our private land and the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. Our archery whitetail hunts are done through natural ground blinds, GhostBlinds, and some tree stands. The Whitetail numbers in our area are very high and are also strictly managed to ensure that you have the best chance possible to harvest a trophy buck. In 2016 we were 100% Pope and Young on our harvested archery whitetails. All hunts are fair chase and we boast a 90% overall success rate on big game. We are proud to say that we had a 100% shot opportunity in 2016 on EVERY SINGLE HUNT. There are no hidden fees for any of our hunts; no trophy fees, no room and board fees. Meals can be added for $50 a day or bring your own cooler to save some money. Gratuity is appreciated, but not mandatory. Tribal applications are due in May while state applications are available in June and are OVER THE COUNTER! Just send us a message or call and we would be happy to explain the drawing process to you! we also offer a written explanation on our page on BookYourHunt. If the hunter does not draw we will keep the deposit for the following year or apply it towards another hunt. We offer free coyote hunting with the purchase of any big game hunt. ​​To enter the tribal draw visit: ----> 2017 Applications Due: May 19 2017 Season Dates: Sept. 2 - Dec. 31 ​To enter the state draw visit: ----> 2017 Applications Due: No Deadline 2017 Season Dates: Sept. 23 - Dec. 31

Trip duration: 5 days

Trip available on: 2 September 2019 31 December 2019

$1,750 for 1 hunter and 1 guest
Muzzleloader Early Deer Hunt '19

Muzzleloader Early Deer Hunt '19 United States

This hunt is 2 days and 3 nights including lodging and meals. This overlaps the second hunt of the season conducted on our properties. You will have the opportunity to hunt two days with a modern muzzleloader from previously unhunted stands. Hunters will hunt scouted areas throughout our properties that are producing the most recent mature buck sign that include up to date trail camera photos. Hunted areas include fresh harvested soy bean fields, hidden food plots and white oak bottoms. Hunters can expect to hunt from comfortable ladder stands, lock-on stands and/or shooting houses. For this hunt, you'll be allowed to harvest a total of one mature buck of 3.5 years of age or better and one doe. Please inquire on available date before booking!

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 20 October 2019 21 October 2019

$1,850 for 1 hunter


THE IS THE SEASON OPENER FOR BOW HUNTING IN KENTUCKY. THEY HAVEN'T RELEASED THE DATE YET. IT WILL EITHER BE SEPTEMBER 1ST OR START SEPTEMBER 7TH. Year-round deer management property. 100% wooded except for the 13 food plots 1/4 acre to 3 acres in size. Only you and your party would be on the property. Most of the food plots have stands or a tower box blind on them. Corn is included in the price. Free use of cabin or stay in a $50 per night motel. We have gas lights, gas heat, gas cookstove, but no water. Bunk beds, pullout coach, tables, etc. Flat screen/DVD player if you bring a quiet generator. 125 inch minimum buck rule in effect. No does to be shot during this hunt. We don't allow does because when you have plenty of does teasing you and can't resist from whacking one, well, that disturbs the land and lessons your chances of shooting a trophy buck. And you won't come back if you don't shoot a trophy buck or at least see one. *Crossbows are limited to the 1st 3 weeks in the state of Kentucky customarily. Upon booking, you'll be sent a map of all trails, locations to each food plots, whats in each food plot, where feeders and stands are, etc. You may bring a 4-wheeler to pull your deer out to where we field dress deer, but there is a deer cart at the cabin to use. If you live close enough, feel free to take a 25 minute Ranger tour ride with me in the summer to help you decide or just to see the property you already booked a hunt on.

Trip duration: 5 days

Trip available on: 7 September 2019 11 September 2019

$800 for 1 hunter
White Tailed Deer

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