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Duck/Dove/Partridge Hunting - Veracruz

Duck/Dove/Partridge Hunting - Veracruz Argentina

At Veracruz you can hunt different species of ducks depending on the time of the year. Duck shooting features comfortable and well camouflaged blinds. The shooting occurs on the shores of San Javier Rivers, over some of the hundreds of islands or over rice fields. We shoot twice a day, morning and evening. To the blinds will be from 20 minutes to an hour, including car or boat ride. Shooting over decoys starts at first light and continues until 10 am or after. Depending on the skills of the shooter, the limit of 30 ducks per hunt can be reached in 30 to 45 minutes. Most days, duck hunters return to the lodge for lunch and a siesta before afternoon departure at about 3pm for evening duck hunts. Perdiz over dogs is a great choice to hunt. They are fast and challenging. Beautiful walks over grassland. 20 to 40 minutes’ drive to get there. Dogs hunt with us. Season goes from May to July. We offer two options for dove shooting as well.

Trip duration: 3 - 10 days

Hunting season: 1 May 2020 31 Aug 2020

$2,915 for 1 hunter
Duck, Dove & Pigeon Hunting (>4 hunters)

Duck, Dove & Pigeon Hunting (>4 hunters) Argentina

Only a few places in the world have a diversity of hunting resources that make them truly special for hunters. You can certainly imagine marshes that are ideal for huge populations of ducks to reproduce and feed. Feedlots where millions of doves feed every day. Extensive cattle-raising low-grass fields, the perfect shelter for perdiz. Everything seems credible if we imagine these locations and species separately. What is hard to believe is that this heavenly combination of ducks, doves and partridges may flock together in one single area, the banks of the Parana river, in astonishing numbers and at a short distance from the lodge. There are 10 more common duck species in this area around the lodge, the flat lands where the Paraná River overflow. In addition of the vast population of ducks there are doves and partridges. We request a minimuim of 4 hunters for this package: 3 days hunt / 4 nights $ 1950 p/p 4 days hunt / 5 nights $ 2600 p/p 5 days hunt / 6 nights $ 3250 p/p 6 days hunt / 7 nights $ 3900 p/p

Trip duration: 3 - 6 days

Hunting season: 1 Apr 2020 31 Aug 2020

$7,800 for 4 hunters
Dove, Pintail, Tree Duck 6 for 5

Dove, Pintail, Tree Duck 6 for 5 Mexico

Our bird hunting is considered the best in Mexico with a vast variety of Ducks including, Teal, PinTail, Wigeon, Gadwall, Canvas Back and Tree Ducks. Bird boys, packing and cleaning of all birds included. Absolutely we would like to offer a special for trips in January for white wing dove, pintail and tree duck shooting. 5 HUNTERS BOOK BY AUGUST 15TH AND 6TH HUNTER IS FREE

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 1 Jan 2020 31 Jan 2020

$3,400 for 1 hunter

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