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About Waterfowl hunting

Wherever there is a bit of water, a bit of shelter, and something to eat, you will find a duck. Wherever there’s more of the above, you’ll find a goose. Ducks, geese, and other near-water species such as Sandhill Cranes make a special group of game known as waterfowl, singular in their lifestyle and the peculiar challenges to the hunter it provides. In return, hunters, through non-profit organizations such as Ducks Unlimited and government programs, funded in North America by a special waterfowl license known as Duck Stamp, conserve thousands of acres of wetlands, to the benefit of other, less conspicuous, species. The best spots for waterfowl hunting are large bodies of shallow water located near abundant food sources at wintering stations or on the migration flyways. Each of such spots features its own unique environment and hunting challenges, and exploring the waterfowling corners of the world is a quest that, in the eyes of many, surpass all big-game “slams” and “pinnacles”. Ducks and geese hardly ever rest and eat in one place, moving daily from feeding to shelter areas and back, and the hunters either intercept them on their way (known as pass shooting), or to wait for them on feeding areas, using decoys and calls to attract them to your blind. Many waterfowl hunts take place in cold and wet environments, where boating accidents and hypothermia are serious threats that require adequate attitude and choice of clothes and footwear. Most species of ducks and geese are notoriously hard to bring down, so your shotgun and shells better be good, as well as your shooting skills. A good retriever is highly desirable. Continuous, assured success in waterfowl hunting requires a lot of dedication, knowledge, investment into boats, blinds, decoys, calls and retrievers, and experience. This is why a first-time waterfowler, or someone who has recently moved to a different duck or goose country, will make the right choice if they start out with an experienced, reputable guide. But whether you do, or go the DIY route, you will be rewarded with a hunt that’s never dull. It offers some of the hardest and fast-paced bird shooting ever, and when they don’t fly, you will be rewarded with a chance to witness nature’s most intimate scenes from your blind. Book a waterfowl hunt and see for yourself.

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Wild Duck Shooting in Spain

10 14 Bewertungen
Andalusia, Spanien
Reisedauer: 2 Tage
Season: 10 Okt 2023 - 28 Feb 2024
für 2 Tage, 10 Jäger, 10 Gäste
Upland & Waterfowl Combo Safari

Upland & Waterfowl Combo Safari

10 2 Bewertungen
Eastern Cape, Südafrika
Wildtauben, Ente, Frankolin, Gans, Perlhuhn...
Reisedauer: 10 Tage
Season: 1 Mai 2024 - 31 Aug 2024
für 10 Tage, 3 Jäger
Duck hunting for 1 day close to Bs As

Duck hunting for 1 day close to Bs As

9.7 6 Bewertungen
Entre Rios, Argentinien
Reisedauer: 1 Tag
Season: 1 Mai 2024 - 31 Aug 2024
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für 1 Tag, 1 Jäger

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