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About Predators hunting

Predators are a wide and diverse group of species that includes creatures as big as lion and brown bear and as small as genet cat and Russian sable. The bigger species that fight back are usually described as “Dangerous Game”, and the smaller species as “Furbearers”. When it comes to “Predator Hunting”, most hunters imply medium-sized animals such as wolf, lynx, bobcat, coyote, jackal, hyena and fox. What all these animals have in common is that most of them thrive in anthropogenic landscapes. They make their lairs in water drainage pipes, and feed on trash dumps, and it is these perks that help predators proliferate beyond the numbers where they don’t put too much pressure on other wildlife, and don’t become a threat to livestock, pets, and even humans. A lot of predators also carry diseases, most notably rabies, that can be fatal. All of this makes predator control a necessity in many areas. Methods of predator hunting are as diverse as the predators themselves. Some are hunted with packs of hounds, or by means of exotic ways such as flagging (i. e. surrounding the area with lines of small flags that scare the critters and prevent their escape). Stalking and tracking are also possible. In many places it is legal to hunt predators with night vision scopes. With or without such technology, the most popular and efficient ways of predator hunting depend on attracting them to the hunter by baiting or calling. Whatever method you choose, predator species are wary, intelligent, and know people very well, which makes harvesting them quite a challenge. Small wonder that many hunters become addicted to predator hunting.

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England, United Kingdom
Fuchs, Muntjac deer, Rehbock
Reisedauer: 1 - 7 Tage
Season: 1 Apr. 2024 - 31 Okt. 2024
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Game Hunt 1x1

9.9 4 Bewertungen
Pavian, Weißschwanzgnu, Schwarzrücken-Schakal, Streifengnu, Burchell Zebra...
Reisedauer: 1 - 10 Tage
Season: 1 März 2024 - 30 Nov. 2024
für 1 Tag, 1 Jäger
Brown bear  300 CIC gold package

Brown bear 300 CIC gold package

10 1 Bewertung
Reisedauer: 3 Tage
Season: 15 Sept. 2024 - 15 Apr. 2025
für 3 Tage, 1 Jäger

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