Goose hunting

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Where to hunt Goose

Geese, like other waterfowl, can be found pretty much all over the world. Light geese and Canada geese are iconic species for waterfowlers in the USA and Canada; grey, bean and barnacle geese are prized by hunters all over Europe from Russia to Bulgaria; exotic geese species grace the skies of Argentina and South Africa.


For the amount of equipment, knowledge and skills that go into this hunt, guided goose hunts are rather affordable. You can find your adventure for well under $200 a hunter a day; this would typically mean a group hunt without lodging. Hunts with lodging on private land and/or in the areas known for abundance of birds may reach $700-$800 a hunter a day.

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With abundant feeding opportunities provided by modern agriculture, there are now more light geese in North America that the tundra can manage. A special hunting season known as Light Goose Conservation Order was established; it provides an excellent opportunity for waterfowl hunter, but doesn't do much to reduce the numbers of light geese. But why?

8 Feb. 2018 White Alert: Light Geese Hunting in North America

When to hunt Goose?

Goose hunting season in the Northern Hemisphere usually starts in September and targets local populations. It gains tempo when the geese begin their migration to warmer places, and on wintering grounds continues through the winter. Spring goose seasons are open in some Eastern European countries, and in North America under Light Geese Conservation Order. Throw in exotic species in Argentina and Africa, and a goose hunting aficionado may pursue the birds pretty much all year round.


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Hunting from a blind with decoys and calls is by far the most popular way of goose hunting worldwide. Elaborate spreads of many decoys and artistic calling is usually required to overcome the alertness of large migratory flocks. During a guided goose hunt, choosing the right place, setting the decoys, and In the blind, try be as inconspicuous as possible (as if you’re sitting in an open field), don’t open fire without the command from the guide, and don’t try to kill all birds at once: select one goose and make sure you hit it well.

Why hunt Goose?

A goose is a big bird, and a delicious one at that. No wonder that many creatures, from grizzly bears and polar foxes to people, would like to dine on one. Centuries of evolution developed in geese extraordinary alertness, eyesight, and collective intelligence: it takes just one educated bird for the whole flock to escape danger. A successful goose hunt is quite a challenge, especially for beginners. A goose hunt with a good guide is the perfect way to start you waterfowl hunter’s career. Get a taste of this exciting adventure with!

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