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Why can a hunt be offered at a reduced price?

Ermäßigte Jagden, wie alle Jagden auf unserem Online Marktplatz, werden direkt von Jagdanbietern durchgeführt, ohne Zwischenhändler oder zusätzliche Kosten.

Pre-season discounts

Some outfitters offer pre-season discounts to ensure they book enough hunters to cover operating costs, or they offer mid-season discounts after the target number have been met.

Over quota

Sometimes an outfitter sets their price according to the minimum quota they expect to get from regulatory agencies, and if the quota is actually higher than that, it allows them to offer a discount.

Free space

Or they might simply have a spot open they wish to fill or a last minute cancellation.

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Whether you're looking for whitetail deer hunting near home, or the best priced African safari, our discounted trips page is the place where you can usually find the lowest prices for hunting trips.

Why hunt Discounted?

In any case, a discounted hunt is a win for the client without any loss of quality. It's important to note that the discounts are provided by outfitters, not by, and are actually part of our Best Price Guarantee.

Chamois Bow Hunt in Northern France

Chamois Bow Hunt in Northern France Frankreich

We hunt open territores at the altitude of 600-950 m, the hunt is not very difiicult and we can adapt to the physical capabilities of hunters. Both stalking and hunting from the blind are possible. The area has a solid population of Chamois, two hunters can hunt there at the same time. KEY POINTS OF THE STAY - Quality and quantity of Chamois - The territory is accessible for all levels of physical capabilities - Excellent vacation and discovering the north of France - Ideal equally for single hunters, friends and families, - Possibility of 2 hunters coming at the same time. - Specific area for bow hunters

Reisedauer: 3 Tage

Jagdsaison: 23 Aug 2021 1 Feb 2022

Pauschalpreis $2,862 für 3 Tage, 1 Jäger
Early Bird '23 Red stag & Blackbuck

Early Bird '23 Red stag & Blackbuck Argentinien

This is an early booking package for 2023 for those who plan in advance!! 5 day hunt for 1 hunter, full lodging included 1 Red Stag bronze medal trophy fee 1 Blackbuck any size trophy fee

Reisedauer: 5 Tage

Jagdsaison: 1 Mrz 2023 31 Jul 2023

Pauschalpreis $5,250 für 5 Tage, 1 Jäger
Sable & Waterbuck Combo Package

Sable & Waterbuck Combo Package Südafrika

PACKAGE INCLUDES DURATION: 3 Days - 4 full hunting days, 7 nights, day of arrival and departure. HUNTER(S): 1 Hunter x 1 Professional Hunter TROPHIES: 2 Animals - 1 x Sable and Waterbuck. This a shared package. A scenic 'Big Country' spot and stalk hunt. We use a vehicle to be able to cover ground and may walk short distances to vantage to points glass the area. Once a potentially suitable trophy is located we plan our stalk across the plains or in the mountainous terrain. Our hunting days are from sunrise to sunset. NOTE: Prices are subject to foreign currency fluctuations between the time of the quotation and the hunting date.

Reisedauer: 3 Tage

Jagdsaison: 1 Feb 2021 30 Nov 2021

Preis ab $5,000 für 3 Tage, 1 Jäger

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