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Also known as Nyasa Wildebeest
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Где охотиться на Гну Ньясса?

Nyasa Wildebeest also spelt Niassa and in some cases even refers to the wildebeest of the region, Nyasaland Wildebeest. The horn configuration, mane, beard and tail are black, just like the Blue Wildebeest (Brindled Gnu). This wildebeest has a distinctive white stripe (bar) across its muzzle and is found in south-central Tanzania and the northern regions of Mozambique known as Niassa. They can be hunted in both these counties.

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Nyasa Wildebeest are more commonly available in Tanzania than in Mozambique, where trophy fee prices range from $850 – 1250 and daily rates range from $1450 – 1786. This excludes a minimum of a 7-day license fee. Trophy fees when available in Niassa Mozambique go for around $2800.

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When to hunt Niassa Wildebeest?

Nyasa Wildebeest can be hunted from 1 July until 31 December in Tanzania. Although the hunting season opens on 1 April and closes on 30 November in Mozambique, it is often still too wet to get into the Niassa region until June. October to December can be incredibly hot so try to avoid these months.


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Nyasa Wildebeest are a savannah species, and by far the most popular way of hunting it is the traditional spot-and-stalk. This is a hunt where the level of difficulty increases with each step. The first part, when the hunter and the PH cruising the area in a vehicle or on foot, and stop to glass for a herd with a good bull in it, may be easy enough. Finding a small-sized herd with a good bull in it could be harder. The Wildebeest’s hump on the shoulder makes unaccustomed hunters miss high, and this antelope did not deserve the nickname of “a poor man’s buffalo” for nothing.

Why hunt Niassa Wildebeest?

The white chevron on a Nyasa Wildebeest muzzle makes for a very attractive shoulder mount. The skin is the source of high-quality leather and the tail of the Wildebeest is long and flowing. These tails are often used as traditional ceremonial flywhisks.

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Ниасский Гну

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