Hunting in Gauteng

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About hunting in Gauteng

Gauteng, which means “place of gold” is the smallest but most densely populated province in South Africa, highly urbanised and contains the country’s largest cities and administrative capital offering a range of tourist attractions from working gold mines, the Cullinan Diamond mine that has produced some of the world’s biggest Diamonds ever found. The cities have modern shopping malls, numerous museums, sports stadiums, hotels and expo centres. These facilities attract sports fans, conference attendees, delegates and visitors from around the world, many of whom are looking for an opportunity to enjoy the country’s attractions, of which hunting is but one. Johannesburg, the biggest city in South Africa serves as the gateway to Southern Africa and the main hub for international flights from all around the world. The majority of international hunters use OR Tambo International Airport as their port of entry where they are greeted by their outfitters on arrival, with some flying off to other destinations to hunt in both Africa and South Africa. The province sees many hunters but accommodates relatively few although there are hunting opportunities within 30 minutes to an hours’ drive from the airport. The bulk of the province offers great Highveld hunting opportunities in undulating hills, while the east has a warmer more dry savanna habitat. Being at a lower altitude, you are now in the fringe of the Bushveld. The Highveld specials are species like Black Wildebeest, Springbuck, Blesbok and Eland as opposed to the Bushveld where you find species like Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Impala and Warthog. Dinokeng Game Reserve and various other sanctuaries and wildlife centres have the “Big 5” although the only dangerous species hunted in the province is mainly Buffalo and the occasional White Rhino. Читать больше...

Many of these hunting destinations have first class accommodation and wedding venues in case anyone is looking for an exotic wedding reception. Non hunters can be thoroughly entertained during the day as there are any number of tour options. These include Lion and Cheetah rehabilitation and breeding centres, elephant interactions and shopping opportunities from buying curios to jewellery purchases. Threatened or Protected Species (TOPS) and CITES permits are required for some species even with an exemption permit. All the necessary documentation details will be provided by your Outfitter. Learn more about South African hunting regulations here. Скрыть детали

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