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About Self-guided hunts

A self-guided hunt is not the same as a do-it-yourself hunt. It is a variety of an outfitted hunt, which does not include a guide’s help during the actual process of the hunt. A good example of a self-guided hunt is a drop camp. Here the outfitter provides you with the means of reaching a destination in the wilderness, such as a string of pack horses or mules, or all-terrain vehicles, tents and camping equipment, and sometimes also an employee to take care about the camp. Once you arrive at the destination, you’re on your own, and your success or lack thereof is in your hands. What is included in a self-guided hunt depends on the outfitter, locality, and species. However, in most cases an important part of the deal is access to good hunting land, the landowners preference tags, or outfitter allocation tags, that are available in some states and provinces. In fact, often a “self-guided hunt” means only that you pay the money for access to a bit of private land or a concession.The property on which outfitters offer their self-guided hunts is usually a highly desirable wilderness area, or a well-managed territory, equipped with such amenities as a food plot, permanent blinds or high seats.

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Self Guided White Tail Hunt in Maine '23

Self Guided White Tail Hunt in Maine '23

Мейн, Соединённые Штаты Америки
Олень белохвостый (Виргинский)
Длительность тура: 7 дней
Season: 10 сен 2023 - 10 дек 2023
Цена пакетного тура
за 7 дней, 1 охотник
6 Person Cow Moose Hunt

6 Person Cow Moose Hunt

10 1 отзыв
Онтарио, Канада
Длительность тура: 6 дней
Season: 18 окт 2023 - 18 окт 2023
Цена пакетного тура
за 6 дней, 4 охотника

SPECIAL! 5 day Elk hunting package for 5

8.0 1 отзыв
Колорадо, Соединённые Штаты Америки
Длительность тура: 5 дней
Season: 12 ноя 2023 - 18 ноя 2023
Цена пакетного тура
за 5 дней, 5 охотников

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