Damaraland Dik-Dik hunting

Also known as Damara Dik-Dik
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Where to hunt Damaraland Dik-Dik

As is the case with the small antelopes there are numerous Dik-dik species, some of which are recognised by SCI and others by Rowland Ward, even the experts cannot agree on some of the classifications. The following Dik-dik species may be hunted in: Ethiopia: Günthers Dik-dik, Cordeaux's Dik-dik, Harar Dik-dik, Salt's Dik-dik, Phillip's Dik-dik, Swayne's Dik-dik and Lawrence's Dik-dik. Uganda: Günthers Dik-dik Tanzania: Kirk’s Dik-dik Namibia: The Damaraland Dik-dik is endemic and can only be hunted in northern Namibia.

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A species normally targeted by clients keen on collecting the small antelope during a dedicated hunt to shoot the smaller species or as a trophy of opportunity during your hunt. A recommended 10 day plains game safaris is recommended to hunt some of these smaller species, which will cost you $350 - $450 per day in Namibia with a trophy fee ranging from $1,500 - $3,500. Your best deal is always going to be finding an outfitter who has Dik-dik on his property and does not need to travel to another hunting territory.

When to hunt Damaraland Dik-Dik?

The official hunting season in Namibia opens on February 1 and closes on November 30. As these animals are normally hunted as a trophy of opportunity the best time to hunt them is when the grass is short during the dry season. Also keep in mind that this is a semi-arid area where daytime temperatures can be exceptionally uncomfortably hot, so the best time to hunt these critters is probably from May to September when somewhat cooler than the rest of the year.


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Being a shy territorial animal, these animals feed on leaves from which they are able to extract enough moisture so are not water dependent. Although active at night and they may wander out of their territories and return during the day. They know their territories very well which are marked with dung middens and able to escape very easily. The best is to locate a territory, then walk and stalk through the area very carefully. Like most species, they feed at dawn and dusk then rest up during the heat of the day.

Why hunt Damaraland Dik-Dik?

Damaraland Dik-dik have a pointed snout, big eyes with a tuft of hair standing up on their forehead like many of the Duikers. They are part of the “Tiny Ten” group of animals also known as the Pygmy Antelope and may not the most fearsome but will really test a hunter’s patience, perseverance and hunting skills. However, once you have specially hunted one or two of these tiny antelope by choice, you will be totally hooked and try to get the rest. They make wonderful full mounts and take up very little space in your trophy room.

Plains Game Hunt 1x1

Plains Game Hunt 1x1

9.8 3 отзыва
Дамарский дик-дик, Гну белохвостый, Импала черномордая, Гну голубой, Зебра саванная (Бурчеллова)...
Длительность тура: 3 - 14 дней
Season: 1 мар. 2024 - 30 нояб. 2024
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Plains Game Hunt 1x1

Plains Game Hunt 1x1

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Дамарский дик-дик, Павиан, Гну белохвостый, Шакал чепрачный, Гну голубой...
Длительность тура: 7 - 21 дней
Season: 1 февр. 2024 - 1 нояб. 2024
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Medium Game Hunting Safari on 1x1

Medium Game Hunting Safari on 1x1

Дамарский дик-дик, Павиан, Гну белохвостый, Шакал чепрачный, Импала черномордая...
Длительность тура: 7 - 10 дней
Season: 1 февр. 2024 - 30 нояб. 2024
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Дамарский дик-дик

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