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A striking reddish brown Bushbuck with white stripes and spots. The Chobe Bushbuck is found along the Zambezi and Chobe River basins, from whence it derives its name. It is always found in the vicinity of water and spends most of its time feeding and resting in the reed beds and riverine vegetation found along the river beds. Its distribution follows the Chobe River from Eastern Namibia, Northern Botswana and along the Zambezi River basin in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

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Always an admired trophy, the price range for this species is pretty similar for all the countries where it is hunted. All Chobe Bushbuck hunts are conducted in vast open government hunting concessions with a government set minimum of 7-10 hunting days, with a daily rate of $600-$700 and a trophy fee of approximately $400-$500, this excludes the many additional fees, such as, licenses, concession fees, community levies, etc.

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When to hunt Chobe Bushbuck?

Chobe Bushbuck may be hunted year round In Zimbabwe. The Namibian hunting season runs from February 1 to the end of November. In Zambia the hunting season starts at the beginning of May and finishes at the end of November. Mozambique’s season opens from April 1 to November 30. The best months for hunting Bushbuck are the dry months of June to October, the reason being that these animals are a very water dependent species and the vegetation is not so dense.


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Walk and stalk along river banks, streams, gullies and the lake edges of Kariba Dam (Zambia and Zimbabwe) and Cahora Bassa Dam in the Tete Province of Mozambique. Sometimes hunted by boat, glassing across the water along the shoreline vegetation. Once spotted, the animal is approached on foot. Be careful when quietly stalking through this vegetation as you often bump into some of the other big and nasty dangerous animals found in the region, sleeping hippos, wallowing buffalo to name but two. Always pay caution to the wind direction. Once alarmed the Bushbuck will bark and duck off into the nearest and thickest bush.

Bush TV

Check out an amazing footage from outfitters and landowners properties.

Why hunt Chobe Bushbuck?

One of the most striking of all the Bushbuck, a rich chestnut brown colour, with a white traverse line along its back, white spots on its flanks and white collar, makes it a real standout trophy. Often seen from a distance to far to take a shot, so the challenge is always to get closer without being detected. They make an amazing full mount or shoulder mount trophy. It may be the smallest member of the spiral horn family but has probably the biggest stand and fight attitude when wounded, so treat it with respect.

5-7 Day Crocodile Safari

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Matabeleland North, Зимбабве
Бушбок Чоби, Павиан, Шакал чепрачный, Гну голубой, Зебра саванная (Бурчеллова)...
Длительность тура: 7 - 9 дней
Season: 1 февр. 2024 - 15 дек. 2024
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10-Day Hyena Hunt Safari

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Бушбок Чоби

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