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Exclusive White Rhino Hunting '19

Exclusive White Rhino Hunting '19 Namibia

We offer the most exclusive White Rhino hunting area in Namibia. Hunt Namibia's biggest Rhino population - in an area that is kept a secret due to security reasons. The hunt is done while tracking on foot in a huge area with vast selection of White Rhino trophy bulls. Please note that this is a rifle hunt - not a 'green' hunt. Rhino trophy is fully exportable to the U. S. and most other countries around the world. You will be hunting with Namibia's most experienced White Rhino hunter. He currently holds 4 of the top 10 White Rhino ever hunted in Namibia.

Trip duration: 7 - 10 days

Hunting season: 1 Mar 2019 30 Nov 2019

$80,004 for 1 hunter
Big 5 Vita Darting - White Rhino

Big 5 Vita Darting - White Rhino South Africa

Our Rhino Vita Dart Experiences provide the modern day hunter with an unbelievable oppurtunity to enjoy the thrill of hunting Rhino, without the big trophy tag that accompanies a traditional Rhino hunt. Hunt your Rhino by tracking, spotting, stalking and finally getting to within 30 yards of these ancient beasts before letting a Vitamin Dart fly. Once the Rhino has been darted, a qualified Registered Vetrinarian will go up in a helicopter to dart the animal with a tranquilizing dart. Once the animal is down, then you will jump to action with the crew gathering the required information and samples from the animal in accordance with the management strategy of the concession. After all this has been done we will snap a few pictures and take final measurements for the Taxidermist to replicate a vibre glass mount of your Rhino. It's a great experience and one worth the trip to Africa!

Trip duration: 7 - 14 days

Hunting season: 1 Mar 2020 30 Sep 2020

$10,900 for 1 hunter
6 Night 5 Day White Rhino Hunt

6 Night 5 Day White Rhino Hunt South Africa

This is a great opportunity to hunt a White Rhino at a fair price! The outfitter has put together a great package to hunt a trophy white rhinoceros that is exportable. The concession that this hunt will take place is located in South Africa. The hunting concession is 18500 acres and high fenced with plenty opportunities. Please consult with the outfitter for more detail regarding this hunt. Due to security reasons the exact location of the farm and hunting area will not be available at this time. Price are based on size and packages are offered accordingly. Price starts at $35000.00

Trip duration: 5 days

Hunting season: 1 Feb 2019 31 Dec 2020

$35,000 for 1 hunter and 1 guest

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