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Where to hunt Osceola Turkey

Named after the famous Seminole nation chief of the early 1800s, Osceola turkey exists only in Florida, and not all over the state at that. The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) only recognizes birds as Osceolas if they are taken south of a line drawn between Taylor and Dixie counties on the Gulf to a line running between Nassau and Duval counties on the Atlantic coast.

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Osceola turkey is often described as the hardest gobbler to get. Its limited range and being coveted by diehard turkey hunters who need it to complete a slam influences prices. Osceola turkey hunts start at just over $2000 and may go as high as $3,000.

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When to hunt Osceola Turkey?

The opening dates of the Osceola turkey hunting season may vary, but the season can open as early as in first week of March in some areas, making it the earliest possibility of hunting a turkey in the USA, but the general season dates is late March to late April. The fall season dates vary greatly from area to area; consult Florida Fish&Wildlife website.


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Hunting methods for Osceola turkeys are not much different from other turkeys and are centered around calling a dominant gobbler in range. Osceola turkeys are very difficult to bag, especially for a hunter out of state. On the one hand, they inhabit unique habitat of Florida that most hunters aren’t accustomed to. On the other hand, Osceola turkeys are not very active callers, and shut up quickly as soon as they sense something’s wrong. For this reason, out-of-state hunters have to hire a guide or go for an outfitted hunt.

Why hunt Osceola Turkey? All hunts (4)

Osceola turkey is the second smallest subspecies of wild turkey (after ocellated turkey) and the smallest of the subspecies in the United States, and is an indispensable part of the Turkey Grand Slam. Osceola turkeys are characterized by darker plumage, and longer spurs. Its name spells the romance and drama of America’s early years, and your Osceola turkey hunt will match the emotions the name stirs. With the unique environment of Florida, and the challenge that the bird presents, Osceola turkey hunting is an unforgettable experience.

Osceola Turkey Hunting 20

Osceola Turkey Hunting 20 United States

We offer world-class private land turkey hunting in Okeechobee and Central Florida. We hunt on privately leased ranches and continually scout these properties to ensure we know exactly where the birds are. We hunt Osceola's on our southern ranches from March 3rd to April 8th and on our northern property from March 17h to April 22nd. Our turkey hunts have consistently provided a 100% shot opportunity, and we love accommodating our clients eager to finish off their Grand Slam! Additional birds and hunting days are available upon prior request. Decoys, professional calling and transportation around the property are all included!

Trip duration: 2 days

Hunting season: 17 Mar 2020 22 Apr 2020

$3,000 for 1 hunter
Osceola Turkey Hunt (1-2 guns)

Osceola Turkey Hunt (1-2 guns) United States

The Florida Osceola turkey hunt is one of the hardest hunts and turkeys to kill. We have some new land that has not been hunted on in several years and we cannot wait for the season to get here. Our guides are great turkey callers and know the area very well. Two of our guides are champion custom turkey call makers. We have over a dozen trail cameras running in the woods most of the time, so we can see where the big Turkeys are and to see what their patterns are. The Osceola Turkey (The Florida wild Turkey) is similar to the eastern but smaller, darker in color and are only found in the peninsula of Florida. $2450 per person $1450 for extra bird (this option may or may not be available) $750 per person for non-hunters $500 extra fee per person for bow hunters

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 20 Mar 2020 25 Apr 2020

$2,450 for 1 hunter
Private Ranch Osceola Turkey Hunt '20

Private Ranch Osceola Turkey Hunt '20 United States

Florida is known for having just about the toughest turkey of them all to get, the Osceola Gobbler. With its home range being in just Peninsula Florida, hunters traveling from all over the country end up here with me for their shot at tagging a Tom. I work very hard to provide them that opportunity by managing farms and ranch's just for the Osceola turkey. In doing that I have kept my success rates very high. My hunts are all conducted on private properties. They are fully or semi guided hunts with lodging included. We hunt from ground blinds as well as run and gun set ups. My lands have maximum populations of gobblers so we always hear birds gobbling. I rotate my farms and from one year to the next give area a rest to allow for those 2 year old gobblers we all love to hunt to mature and grown those heavy beards and 1 1/2 inch spurs. Season dates vary from year to year. All season dates amd limits are listed at www.myfwc.com

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 16 Mar 2020 20 Apr 2020

$2,350 for 1 hunter
Osceola Turkey

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