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The largest province in Canada, Quebec is located on the eastern side of the country and covers an area nearly three times the size of Texas, most of it sparsely populated. Its population is primarily French-speaking. Quebec’s geography is widely varied, from heavily wooded regions in the south to the scenic mountains along the east coast to the vast, uninhabited tundra regions in the north. The Quebec-Labrador caribou used to be Quebec’s primary big-game hunting draw, but reports of decreasing numbers of caribou recently led to the government curtailing these hunts. 2017 is the last year for nonresidents to hunt caribou in Quebec; the province has announced that there will be no caribou hunting for at least the next two years. However, Quebec still has excellent hunting for white-tailed deer, moose, black bears, waterfowl, upland birds, and small game. Moose hunting in Quebec can be a great value, especially if you can get a group of hunters together. Hunts are conducted in wooded areas far off the beaten track and are usually conducted from stands or by calling. Black bear hunting is excellent in Quebec and bears are plentiful; both spring and fall seasons are offered. Tags for both moose and bears can be purchased over the counter. Most bear hunts are conducted over bait. Bear hunts are typically morning and evening affairs and can easily be combined with fishing for pike, walleye, perch, or other species. White-tailed deer hunting can be found throughout the southern regions of the province, but the most famous destination for whitetails is Anticosti Island in eastern Quebec. Whitetails were brought to the island in the 1800s and some 200,000 deer thrive there now in the heavy forests and swampy bogs. There are several ways to hunt Anticosti, including stand hunting, still-hunting, glassing and stalking. Accommodations range from basic to luxury, and while all hunts are outfitted, you may hunt either guided or on your own. Quebec is famous for its excellent wingshooting, particularly for ducks and greater snow geese, as well as hunting for upland birds including ruffed grouse, spruce grouse, ptarmigan, and woodcock. Nonresidents of Quebec are required to hire an outfitter to hunt most big game, and fluorescent orange must be worn for rifle big-game and small-game hunting. Quebec is divided into 29 hunting and fishing zones (zone 25 is fishing-only). Hunters must abide by the rules of the zone they are in. Find out more about the regulations governing hunting in Quebec at

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Moose Rut Archery/Cross Bow Hunt

Moose Rut Archery/Cross Bow Hunt Canada

We are offering a limited moose hunt. We have large comfortable moose "hides" overlooking swamps and marshy areas with a healthy moose population. Quebec has over the counter moose licenses, so don't worry about "drawing" a moose tag. It takes 2 moose licenses to get 1 moose.(any sex) price includes tax

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 15 September 2019 29 September 2019

$5,196 for 1 hunter
Woodcock 6 Day Hunt 1x1

Woodcock 6 Day Hunt 1x1 Canada

Woodcock hunting is done right on our territories between the end of September and the end of October, with every week bringing its lot of challenges and loads of woodcock flights. The American Woodcock is a little know migratory species to Québec small game hunters, which is one of the reasons its population is so abundant. It returns to Québec each Spring from the American South-East to breed and leaves again at the first signs of cold in October. The birds usually return each year to the place they were born. Your package includes 5 1/2 Woodcock hunting days on 1x1 guiding basis and 1/2 day fishing or goose hunting or duck hunting. In Canada Certain small game species are subject to bag and possession limits. Daily woodcock bag for non-residents is 4 per day and 24 possession. 8 per day for residents of Canada. Species to hunt (woodcock, partridge, hare, great canadian geese and duck) but we concentrate on woodcock and partridge mostely

Trip duration: 8 days

Trip available on: 16 September 2018 27 October 2018

$2,783 for 1 hunter
Elk Hunt

Elk Hunt Canada

There are three primary ingredients necessary to grow impressive trophies: genetics, age and nutrition. The primary genetic present in the herd at the Estate stems from the Swan River region of Canada. This sub-species has historically produced large elk, with massive antlers. No bulls are harvested until they reach a minimum of six years of age and our herd is provided with exceptional nutrition through natural and supplemental food sources. It is only through our stringent management and intense selection practices that we are able to continually offer superior trophy class animals to our clientele. For those elite few who are only seeking the “once in a lifetime” trophy, potentially immortalized within the record books, we offer a limited number of Super Record Class hunts, which guarantee placement in the highest tiers of the record book. Hunts are 4 days and 3 nights, beginning Saturday or Tuesday. If you have a group of 4 hunters, you can have exclusive use of the Luxury Lodge, this comes with a 10% discount per hunter. Combination Red Stag and Elk Bull hunts come with a 10% discount for the lower priced of the two species harvested.

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 1 September 2018 31 December 2018

$13,650 for 1 hunter

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