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Canada’s easternmost province, Newfoundland and Labrador, comprises the island of Newfoundland and the mainland of Labrador to the northwest, about 156,500 square miles of beautiful coastal, bog, and tundra scenery. The province, particularly the island of Newfoundland, is an extremely popular hunting destination. Moose, black bear, and woodland caribou are the province’s marquee big-game species. Taking all three of these animals constitutes the “Newfoundland Grand Slam.” Waterfowling and upland hunting for willow ptarmigan and grouse is also excellent. There are approximately 120,000 moose on the island of Newfoundland, the most concentrated population in North America. Rifle hunters typically enjoy an 85 percent success rate, and hunters can also choose to hunt with bow or muzzleloader. These moose do not get as large as the moose in western Canada, but they are plenty big, weighing up to 1,200 pounds and with antler spreads that occasionally reach 50 inches. Newfoundland and Labrador is home to thousands of woodland caribou, the only huntable woodland caribou herds in the world. Woodland caribou hunters in the past have experienced a 90 percent success rate. Caribou quotas have been reduced in recent years, so hunting these magnificent animals is a treasured opportunity. Mature bulls can weigh between from 350 to 500 pounds and sport unique racks that are heavier and more compact than other varieties of caribou. The 10,000 or so black bears that live in Newfoundland and Labrador tend to be larger than most because of excellent genetics and low hunting pressure, occasionally tipping the scales at 650 pounds. Two bears are typically allowed per license, and bear hunts are conducted in both spring and fall. Non-resident big-game licenses in Newfoundland and Labrador are only available through a licensed outfitter, and nonresident hunters must possess a valid license and be accompanied by a licensed guide to hunt big game. They must also possess proof of having met their own jurisdiction's hunter education requirements. Small game and waterfowl hunters do not require guides. Hunters must possess a game export permit to take game out of the province. Export permits are available free of charge from all Forestry/Wildlife Offices and licensed outfitters. Hunters who are coming to Canada from the United States should remember that they must declare all game taken when they re-enter the United States and should obtain the necessary forms prior to leaving. Nonresident black bear hunters also require a CITES permit to transport black bear parts outside Canada. For more information about hunting in Newfoundland and Labrador, see

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Fly-in Baited Spring Black Bear Hunt 2x1

Fly-in Baited Spring Black Bear Hunt 2x1 Canada

Newfoundland has some of biggest Black Bears in North America. Our mature bears will average 300 lbs and we’ve taken them up to 500 lbs. We offer both Trophy Spring Black Bear hunts and in the fall as an option to add to either a Moose or Caribou hunt. We host just a few hunters each season and we only take few bears out of our hunting area. With little hunting pressure on our bears we are able to be selective while seeing high numbers of bears. Hunts are from Sunday to Sunday giving six full days of hunting on 2-on-1 basis. Firearm declaration form will be provided to all clients for their guns to give to custom's agent. 6 hunting days / 7 nights package offer per hunter: $4,800. Rates are in US$.

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 28 May 2019 30 June 2019

$4,800 for 1 hunter
Trophy Fly-in Moose Hunt '20

Trophy Fly-in Moose Hunt '20 Canada

We invite you to experience the thrill of hunting big game. We will drive to the helicopter pick up area load all gear and depart for our remote fly in hunting area, when we arrive. There we unload, the helicopter will leave and we set up camp (we will be staying in a wall tent). After the camp is set up we will start hunting. Once we harvest an animal and all hunting is finished we will call the pilot to come and get us. We hunt marshland and old woods roads, so a comfortable pair of rubber boots is recommended. This hunt is on 2x1 basis. Dates available: September 13-19 (4) spots October 04-10 (4) spots Oct 11-17 (8) spots October 18-24 (8) spots Oct 25-31 (8) spots and Nov 01-07 (8) spots

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 27 August 2020 31 October 2020

$7,098 for 1 hunter
Fly-in 7-day Moose/Caribou Combo '19

Fly-in 7-day Moose/Caribou Combo '19 Canada

Woodland caribou hunting is only permissible in the province of Newfoundland. In all other areas of Canada, woodland caribou populations are too low to support hunting and are under various levels of protection. We are hunting woodland caribou from the Middle Ridge herd, the largest woodland caribou herd in Newfoundland. Woodland caribou hunting is akin to moose hunting in that this caribou shares a large portion of its range with moose, and is relatively sedentary, making only short migrations to calving range and winter range. Woodland caribou hunting is truly an enjoyable experience, and for us a premium big game hunting adventure. Each day of woodland caribou hunting begins with an early rise and a hearty breakfast. As with moose hunting, you will leave camp just as the dawn begins to show. Prime woodland caribou hunting areas are within a short walk, and sometimes caribou will emerge from the bush within rock throwing distance from the hunting lodge, or on the beach in front of the hunting lodge. Moose hunting and Newfoundland have become virtually synonymous. We use the spot and stalk moose hunting style mixed with an appropriate and timely chorus of moose music and antler rattling. Each day of moose hunting begins with an early rise and a hearty breakfast. You will leave camp just as dawn begins to show. Prime moose hunting areas begins right at the doorstep. Your hunting guide will provide everything needed to support you during each day of moose hunting. Successful moose hunting requires communications between hunter and guide. This ensures that every element of your moose hunting adventure is tailored to your needs. You and your moose hunting guide are a team. Rifles of 30 caliber, and loaded with 180 grain or heavier bullets are proven effective for hunting. Caribou hunting success rate = 80 per cent. Moose hunting success rate = 90 per cent

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 1 September 2019 31 December 2019

$15,250 for 1 hunter
Newfoundland and Labrador

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