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Grizzly Bear on 2x1, Aug 27-Sept 3, 2019

Grizzly Bear on 2x1, Aug 27-Sept 3, 2019 United States

We have a nice variety of color phases in Grizzlies from blond highlights with dark legs to chocolate browns to silver tips. The Arctic Grizzly is also considered to be a Barren Ground Grizzly. Our Grizzly bear hunts are perfect to combine with a moose hunt. We have harvest some great trophy moose in the same areas as the grizzly with the racks between 55 and 70 inches. The moose hunts are normally done by jet or drift boat and calling the moose in for close shots. Ask us about a combo moose grizzly hunt, it is a great way to make the most of a Alaska hunting trip. We use the most up to date and proven equipment, gear, and supplies and provide our hunters with detailed information and gear list in the months prior to their hunt. Every detail matters to us and we take extra care to provide an incredible and memorable hunt. Obtaining Tags and License please visit the State of Alaska Website ( for the needed tags and license(s). Trophy fees are to be paid one month prior to trip to the US office or Outfitter where they will be held until completion of the hunt and either kept by Outfitter for successful harvest of animals or returned to client within 10 days for any non-harvest of an animal. All species hunted or potentially hunted should be confirmed and paid for prior to arrival at camp to our US office.

Trip duration: 8 days

Trip available on: 27 August 2019 3 September 2019

$24,000 for 2 hunters
Spring Arctic Grizzly Bear 2x1

Spring Arctic Grizzly Bear 2x1 United States

Known for the unique variations in their color patterns, Arctic grizzlies are beautiful animals with a fascinating adaptability to their landscape. Smaller than their peninsula cousins, they are nonetheless impressive animals. This hunt is done on 2x1 basis and includes 2 trophy arctic Grizzly. Caribou may be added for fee.

Trip duration: 12 days

Trip available on: 1 May 2019 31 May 2019

$31,000 for 2 hunters
2019 Western Alaska Fall Grizzly Hunt

2019 Western Alaska Fall Grizzly Hunt United States

Alaska is home to 80% of the brown/grizzly bears. The term grizzly bear is often used in reference to brown bears. The difference between the two is defined by the location in which they inhabit, SCI does this by game management area and B&C us the 62nd parallel. Our camp located in western Alaska is within the SCI boundaries for grizzly bears. During August and September in Western Alaska, grizzly hunts are at peak. As the banks of streams thrive with thick stands of wild berries, the interior grizzlies wander down the hillsides to claim their share. This is the annual fall feast that fuels these giants for the winter, and there can be little wonder why it makes for some of the finest bear hunting found anywhere. Our success also hinges on using modern, dependable, and well maintained gear. We have much invested in our operation, and we maintain it as such. We operate from an array of various out-camps that were chosen for their proximity to wild game. This ensures that valuable time is maximized, so that every client has the best chance of finding success. By operating all of our own planes, jet boats, and snow machines, we take full control over every variable that might present itself. No two grizzly bear hunts are ever identical, but our experience means that there is little we aren’t prepared for. We take 8 hunters per year on this hunt and have averaged 90% success rate, with the average bear squaring 7.5 foot. Hunts can be 1x1 or 2x1 and will be from tented spike camps. Each camp has two tents so the client get their own tent, camps will have cots and sleeping pads.

Trip duration: 10 days

Trip available on: 1 September 2019 20 September 2019

$18,000 for 1 hunter

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