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Mouflons are thought to be one of the ancestors of domestic sheep. Biologists believe the mouflon went extinct in the wild state across their original range, that covered the mountains of Europe up to Crimea, in the Neolithic period, but survived on a few Mediterranean islands where they were introduced by people at about the same time. From these islands the mouflon was introduced to hunting estates all over its current range, which includes most European countries, such as Spain, France, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Russia, as well as countries with developed game farm culture, including Argentina, Uruguay, the USA, and South Africa.

Price distribution

The price of the mouflon hunt is typically made up of daily rate and trophy (or shooting) fee. The daily rate in Europe ranges between $200 and $1,000, depending on the country and whether accommodation and meals are included. The trophy fee is usually calculated from horn size, and may range from a nominal sum for a non-trophy or cull animal, to $3,000-$5,000 for a good head, and even more for a record book class trophy. For sheep hunts, as compared to North American species or the Marco Polo, it’s still a bargain.

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Mouflon hunting may be a novel and unusual experience for an experienced sheep hunting, or an introduction into sheep hunting for a beginner. But of course mouflon are far from the only huntable wild sheep out there. Check out our blog story for a review of opportunities to hunt sheep and not break the bank on our online marketplace.

July 22, 2018 Is There Such a Thing as an Over-the-Counter Sheep Hunt that Won’t Break the Bank?

When to hunt Mouflon?

Being an exotic species, the mouflon can be hunted a year round in many places. However, most European hunting preserves, especially with free range herds, prefer to hunt mouflon in the autumn and winter, from about September to February. The best time for a trophy hunter is the rut, which usually happens around October in the Northern Hemisphere, and around June in the Southern.


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Mouflon is a kind of sheep that is adapted to life in wooded mountains. They usually dwell on the border of woods and Alpine meadows, moving to higher and lower altitudes depending on the season. As the result, mouflon hunting methods aren’t limited to the spot-and-stalk technique common for all mountain game. When the animals are down in the woods, they are often hunted from high seats or in the course of a driven hunt. If you’re after a genuine mountain hunting experience, check that the outfitter is located in a mountainous area (some mouflon hunting preserves are in the hills and even plain woods), and that the timing of the hunt is when the animals are in the meadows.

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The mouflon was one of the species that originally introduced Europeans to sheep hunting for sport. The aristocrats that cruised the Mediterranean in their yachts tried to hunt wild mouflon on the islands, and found it an exciting and challenging pursuit. This spurred the interest in Asian and North American wild sheep hunting. In spite of the stigma of the official status as a feral/exotic animal, mouflons are wary and careful, and can be quite a challenge to harvest. Its adaptation to life in the woods provides a unique hunting experience, and in proper habitat mouflon is a great affordable introduction to sheep hunting.

Mouflon Hunting in Walbrzych '19

Mouflon Hunting in Walbrzych '19 Poland

Mouflon live in Poland in very few herds under natural conditions. They are available at small areas on the slopes of the mountains. Mouflon feed on herbaceous plants, leaves, shrubs and fruit. In winter satisfied with dry leaves, bark of trees, twigs and lichen. Mouflon usually come out to feeding at the dusk, but where it is not disturbed, mouflon can be also met during the day. Rut happens in October or November. Mouflon male season: 01.10 - 28.02 Mouflon female and kid season: 01.10 - 15.01 Observers are welcome, though we strongly recommend for them to enjoy hotel facilites rather than participate in the hunt as that would increase the hunter's chances for a successful hunt. Package include 5 days / 4 night and 3 days hunting (6 outings) or more.

Trip duration: 5 - 8 days

Trip available on: 1 October 2019 28 February 2020

$861 for 1 hunter
Mouflon hunting in Bulgaria

Mouflon hunting in Bulgaria Bulgaria

Mouflon hunt is possible all year round! Expectable trophy size is between 70 - 90 cm. 1 hunter package - 1490 euro, 2 hunters - 1290 euro per person 3 and more hunters - 1190 euro per person For trophies over 230 points CIC - 10% in addition to the price. Roe deer and Wild boar can be added to this hunt according to the season.

Trip duration: 5 days

Trip available on: 1 October 2018 1 October 2020

$2,405 for 1 hunter
Trophy hunt in Estate

Trophy hunt in Estate Russia

Skillful and experienced Oshten Cordon professional hunters will do all their best for your successful hunting. Hunting ground is located in 2 hours driving from Sochi International airport and can provide a customer with all-year-round possibility of hunting for various animals.

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 1 September 2018 1 September 2019

$3,238 for 1 hunter

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