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Where to hunt Snowcock

Snowcock is a large mountain bird, native to the Himalayas and other high peaks of Asia. It has also been introduced into North America, and a hunting season is open in Nevada. However, if you’re dead set on harvesting the bird, your best bet is to hunt it within its natural distribution, in countries like Kazakhstan.

Price distribution

The biggest price of mountain hunts in Asia is maintaining the hunting concession and the hunting camp. You shouldn’t be surprised that bird hunts way up there may be priced similarly to other mountain game hunts. Snowcock hunt in Kazakhstan will cost you about $2,500. You can also harvest a snowcock as a side trophy during a hunt for other mountain game.

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When to hunt Snowcock?

The bird hunting seasons in Asia usually begin in August or September and finish about November or December. Early part of the season is usually considered best for snowcock hunting, with young birds being less careful, and weather less unforgiving. But you can count on a challenge whenever you go.


Hunting methods

You can hunt snowcocks over pointing dogs, by spot-and-stalk, or from a blind. The dogs have to have exceptional stamina, and delicate manner of approach, to point these birds successfully. Local hunters in Asia typically prefer to wait for snowcock near watering holes, or stalk and shoot them on the ground with small-caliber rifles.

Why hunt Snowcock?

Ever since snowcock was introduced to Nevada, and the first seasons were open, snowcock hunting have been considered the toughest bird hunt in North America. Snowcocks are not only gifted with exceptional powers of vision and alertness, but also inhabit tough and broken terrain. Only a handful of birds are harvested annually. It is the challenge of the hunt that is the main attraction, and it wouldn’t surprise us to know that some frustrated snowcock hunters would be willing to travel all the way to Asia to get at the birds in their native habitat.

Snowcock hunt

Snowcock hunt

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