Siberian Brown Bear hunting

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Where to hunt Siberian Brown Bear

It goes without saying that to hunt Siberian brown bear you should go to, well, Siberia. However, geographically speaking, Kamchatka also is a part of Siberia, but Kamchatka brown bears are listed separately. The same goes for Amur brown bears. The reason is, the bears of the Pacific coast are, on the average, bigger than elsewhere, and their hunting methods differ as well. Siberian brown bears are smaller, but more affordable. The hunts for Siberian brown bear are to be found mostly in East Siberia (roughly around Lake Baikal).

Price distribution

Siberian brown bears don’t often grow as big as the average Kamchatka monster, but the access to their habitat is better, and both these factors positively influence the price. Siberian bear hunting opportunities start at about $3,000. Some hunts are priced according to trophy size, and a real big one will cost you about $5,000.

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The truth about Russian bear is that there’s more than one kind. Kamchatka, Amur, Siberian bear, bears of the European part of the country, they are all different in size and behavior, and offer different opportunities to hunt. The prices differ even more than the bears, and the same sum can be way much in one part of the country and suspiciously low in another. Here you will find sufficient information to help you make the right choice for your Russian bear hunt.

11 May 2017 From Europe to Kamchatka: Seven Options for Bear Hunting in Russia

When to hunt Siberian Brown Bear?

All regions of Siberia have their own bear season dates, but usually there are two seasons. The spring season opens in the middle of April and lasts through May. The autumn season opens in August and closes in November. What part of season to prefer is a difficult question; typically, early season provides higher success rates, while late season offers better trophy (skin) quality. The spring season baiting trips are probably the best choice for a trophy hunter.


Hunting methods All hunting methods (5)

By far the most common way of hunting bears is from high seats. The seats would be positioned over either artificial baits, or next to fields of oats or other crops bears come to feed on. Big bears usually show up after sunset, so the hunter should be prepared to take a shot under challenging lighting conditions. Other ways of hunting Siberian brown bears include pursuit with specially trained dogs of local breed. The classic Russian way of hunting bears at the den (a favorite of Leo Tolstoy, who nearly got himself killed by a bear on one such hunt) is still legal, but in most regions the season is closed before the bears go into winter slumber. In some parts of Siberia, however, bears den in early November, making this hunt possible.

Why hunt Siberian Brown Bear?

For a hunter who doesn’t measure success in feet and inches, hunting Siberian bears is an awesome opportunity to explore true Russian bear hunting without paying a hefty price tag for a Kamchatka bruin. You can choose between a variety of hunting methods, and, with luck, get quite a respectable trophy. The nature is as wild and desolate, but more accessible by transport. Lake Baikal, the most massive body of fresh water in the world, mountains covered by cedar pines, unique local culture, and an option to vary your bear hunt with roe deer, moose, blackcock, capercaillie and other smaller species will make it an unforgettable adventure.

Siberian bear spring hunt

Siberian bear spring hunt

Siberian brown bear
Trip duration: 5 - 6 days
Season: 21 Apr 2025 - 20 May 2025
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for 5 days, 1 hunter
Siberian brown bear bait hunt

Siberian brown bear bait hunt

8.3 1 review
Siberian brown bear
Trip duration: 8 days
Season: 15 Apr 2025 - 15 May 2025
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for 8 days, 1 hunter
Combined Fall hunting / October

Combined Fall hunting / October

Siberian brown bear, Moose, Siberian roe deer
Trip duration: 10 days
Season: 10 Sep 2024 - 12 Oct 2024
Price from
for 10 days, 1 hunter
Siberian Brown Bear

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