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Also known as Piton
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Where to hunt Python

There are 11 living Python species of which two subspecies are found in sub-Saharan Africa. The first being found in Western and Central Africa and the second in Southern Africa. Generally Pythons are not hunted and in some countries like South Africa they are specially protected. In the majority of cases Pythons are hunted in Benin, Burkina Faso and Cameroon where these snakes are eaten as a local delicacy.

Price distribution

The only Python hunts BookYourHunt has on offer are for Cameroon. These hunts range from 6 - 14 days and typically range in price due to the additional optional trophies that could be taken during the hunt. These other species like Lord Derby Eland come at a premium and push up the daily rates. These daily rates range from $1,035 – 1,900 along with a range of Python trophy fees starting at $240 up to $1,200.

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When to hunt Python?

In Cameroon Pythons may only be hunted during the hunting season which opens on January 1 and closes on June 30. There is no real best time to hunt a Python other than these snakes are generally more active during warmer wetter weather when prey species are more prevalent feeding mainly on rodents and small mammals. They are equally at home in dry rocky habitat and will readily take to aquatic habitats.


Hunting methods

If you are really lucky you may find a Python during a walk and stalk hunt or crossing a road either during the day or most likely at night. The best place to search for Pythons is abandoned termite mounds or warthog holes for any fresh signs of Python activity. Once located you can monitor the site visiting the spot regularly during the course of your hunt to see if the Python has surfaced from the hole. An alternative is to dig it out and some tribes even use their limbs as bait, encouraging the Python to bite them and then their fellow tribe members pull their associate and snake out of the hole offering you the opportunity to take the shot you need.

Why hunt Python?

Pythons are not the most popular of trophies. They are difficult to find, but do not offer much of a hunting challenge when found. It is probably more interesting to watch the locals hunt a Python as the meat is much sought after by some of the West African tribes. Some hunters do mount these snakes as full mounts but most just have the skin stretched out across their wall in their trophy room.

Big Safari

Big Safari

Python, Harnessed bushbuck, Northwestern buffalo, Waterbuck, Western bush duiker...
Trip duration: 15 days
Season: 18 Dec 2024 - 15 Apr 2025
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for 15 days, 1 hunter
8 Days Medium Cameroon Safari

8 Days Medium Cameroon Safari

Python, Baboon, Bohor reedbuck, Civet cat, Harnessed bushbuck...
Trip duration: 8 days
Season: 18 Dec 2024 - 15 Apr 2025
Price from
for 8 days, 1 hunter
Cameroon Savannah Plains Game 1x1

Cameroon Savannah Plains Game 1x1

9.8 4 reviews
Python, Baboon, Bohor reedbuck, Bushpig, Civet cat...
Trip duration: 6 days
Season: 15 Dec 2024 - 15 Apr 2025
Price from
for 6 days, 1 hunter

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