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Where to hunt Pigeon

Pigeons are a type of birds that thrive well in agricultural landscapes, wherever they are coupled with available woods or rocks for roosting, from Europe to South America and beyond. Argentina is the most famous destination for high-volume shooting of pigeons and doves, but great hunting opportunities exist also in South Africa and Namibia, as well as the more exotic destinations like Morocco and the island of Mauritius.

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Pigeon hunting can be one of the most affordable or one of the most expensive wingshooting experiences, depending on where it happens and what is included. A simple pigeon hunt without lodging or catering will cost around $200-$300 a day, and a trip to Argentina, with all-inclusive stay at a 5 star lodge, and perhaps opportunities to other species like duck and perdiz, will run into thousands.

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Learn more from our blog story

Boundless opportunities for hunting pigeons and doves made Argentina one of the most popular hunting destinations in the world. If you are not sure how to handle high-volume shooting, this blog post will give you the best tips from Argentina’s top outfitters and hunters.

15 Jun 2017 How to Survive High-Volume Dove Shooting in Argentina.

When to hunt Pigeon?

With the wide distribution of pigeon and its status of an agricultural pest in many areas, opportunities for pigeon hunting exist in every month of the year. The best time for pigeon hunting is usually in the winter, when food availability is more limited and the birds are easier to decoy and (where legal) to bait. Since the most popular destinations for high-volume pigeon hunting are in the Southern Hemisphere, that would be March to August.


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By far the most popular way of hunting pigeons is hunting from a blind with decoys at a field where the birds feed. Pigeons are blessed with powerful eyesight and expect danger in the fields, so good camouflage and natural decoy placement are essential. Motion decoys, either wind or electric motor driven carousels, help a lot. Pigeons don’t warn the hunter of their arrival by voice, so you should be alert and scan the skies like a radar station. Gunslinger’s reflexes and high-level shotgunning skills are a must. Alternative locations include trees where the birds make a stopover before flying into the fields, and pass routes from feeding to roost sites or water holes. Most hunters prefer not to shoot pigeons near their roost sites, because disturbance will force them to move to another site.

Why hunt Pigeon?

A modern urban dweller usually contacts pigeons only in the parks and squares, where large flocks of unkempt birds (and their droppings) are hard to associate with the Great Outdoors. Yet, in many cultures pigeon is one of the most popular game birds. Even the lords and peers of Victorian England, who had opportunities to enjoy the best bird shooting the world had to offer, held the woodpigeon in high regard as one of the most difficult birds to kill on the wing. A pigeon is not only fast, but is highly maneuverable, and its keen eye enables it to detect the motion of the hunter’s raising the gun to shoulder and swerve away. This is a challenge for every hunter, and when you will ultimately succeed and hold the strong, clean wild bird in your hands, you couldn’t help admiring the trophy – and it will not disappoint you from the culinary perspective either. If you are a devoted bird hunter but haven’t hunted pigeons yet, don’t miss a chance to do so.

Mix hunt

Mix hunt United Kingdom

This his a perfect hunt for the true Hunter. We have available 6000 acres of land in the Northest of Scotland, where we can hunt from Roe deer to small game and wildfowling. We can mix this as you wish, stalking with rough shooting, waiting for ducks at night , looking for the elusive woodcock. This is a truly magnific hunt you can hider come alone or with anyone you enjoy spending time with. We have from Sandy beach to challenging river valleys .

Trip duration: 4 days

Hunting season: 21 Oct 2020 28 Feb 2021

Package price $1,164 for 4 days, 1 hunter
One Day Bird Hunting (1-2 persons)

One Day Bird Hunting (1-2 persons) South Africa

Our bird hunting in the Cape is one of the finest hunting destinations for bird hunters in the world. There is an opportunity to hunt various types of birds in a day's outing and offering you some great challenges. We offer rough shooting, meaning one has to work for your birds with us. This will obtain good results at the end of your day of hunting. During our summer months we offer one of the most fantastic Rock Pigeon shooting, where you could be shooting pigeons at speeds of over 70 Km (43 MPH) an hour. This is a real challenge. In our winter month's geese are also a great challenge around our ponds with hides and decoys. Our Guinea fowl hunting is one of the greatest birds to hunt and it is the most clever terrestrial bird to hunt and a lot more difficult to hunt than any other bird. All our birds are seasonal; however we hunt through the year. The following birds that are available to hunt when in season are: Egyptian and Spur wing Geese, Guinea fowl, Rock pigeon, Cape Spur Francolin, Yellow-billed duck, Red-billed teal, Cape shoveller, Cape Teal, Hottentot Teal, African black duck, Cape Turtle Dove. We use both decoys and well-constructed blinds. For the Egyptian and Spur wing geese one could expect a bag of 5 and 10 birds per hunter on outing. For the Francolin and Guinea fowl one can expect a bag 5-10 birds a day. Rock Pigeon and dove hunting is very high volume hunting. The Cape has very good rock pigeon shooting, from November to middle or end March. One can expect to shoot 200 to 400 pigeons per day.

Trip duration: 1 day

Hunting season: 1 Mar 2021 31 Oct 2021

Price from $600 for 1 day, 1 hunter
3 Days Dove and Pigeon NO LIMIT SHOOT

3 Days Dove and Pigeon NO LIMIT SHOOT Argentina

The package includes 3 days lodging accommodation with private rooms in suite, meals & guiding, we can guarantee you 2000 shoots per day! Hunting season is all year round.

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 1 Dec 2020 31 Jul 2022

Package price $990 for 3 days, 1 hunter

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