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Where to hunt Partridge

Partridge adapts well to agricultural landscape (provided the terrain is broken enough to provide shelter for nesting). This ability to be a good neighbor to humans made partridge one of the prime game birds of old Europe, and partridge shooting opportunities abound across the continent. In Hungary the partridges were so abundant that they were captured and sold by the thousand to people who wanted to stock their preserves - that’s why the bird is known as “Hungarian partridge” in the US and Canada. Partridge was one of the species that the Europeans took along as they explored and settled other continents, and partridge hunting opportunities exist in many exotic destinations such as the island of Mauritius. You will see partridge (perdiz) hunts offered in Argentina, but beware that the bird that goes by that name here is actually a different local species. It’s close enough to the real partridge in appearance, behavior, and hunting methods, though.

Price distribution

Analyzing partridge hunting pricing is a tricky deal, because the prices quoted are often for a package including a number of hunters, or a number of days. Partridge hunting is often included as an extra to a package of hunting more expensive species, including big game hunts in Russia, Argentina, and so on. When you bring the cost down to the price per one hunter a day, you’ll see that is mostly goes for $200-$300, but may go up to $500 and more depending on location and whether accommodation and food are included.

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A few game birds found agricultural habitat created by humans well worth living in, and followed people around the globe. Later people consciously introduced these birds to new habitats, for their delicious flesh, exciting sports that they provided, or both. Partridge is one such bird. Pheasant is another.

21 Jun 2018 The Pheasant Journey

When to hunt Partridge?

In old Europe the start of partridge season usually happened around the harvest time for wheat fields, in other words, late August or early September. There isn’t a particular season for partridge in the USA, the birds are typically taken in the course of a general upland bird season that takes place in October-December in most states. Early season is usually considered best for hunting over pointing dogs, while connoisseurs of driven hunts prefer the crisp clear days of late autumn.


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The original way to hunt partridge with a shotgun is to pursue the birds with the help of pointing dogs. Many still believe it’s the best way to hunt partridges ever. When the birds are too wild to hold a point, or when there are so many partridges that the dog only gets in the way, a number of hunters may walk the field in a U-shaped line, shooting at the birds that rise before them. Close-ranging obedient dogs, such as retrievers, are not totally unwelcome here. Another alternative for high-volume shooting is a driven hunt, when a line of drivers, or “beaters” in British English, is pushing the birds to the hunters (or “guns”). This is a classic European hunt, favored by the British royal family and other nobility, but perfectly available for an average hunter as well.

Why hunt Partridge?

Isn’t it amazing how such a little bird can stir such strong emotions. Who could stay calm when a covey of over a dozen partridges flushes right next to you, with a flutter of wings and an unexpectedly colorful plumage? Their flight, so treacherously direct, presents some of the greatest challenges for a wing shot, and in the course of British classic driven “shoots” even the best shots miss 4 out of 10 times they pull the trigger. And what about the sight of a good pointer, quartering away at full gallop, suddenly stop, take a few careful steps, and freeze like a canine stature, all muscles tense, awaiting the handler’s command to flush the birds. If you haven’t experienced it, you don’t know what you’re missing. Book your partridge hunt with now!

Autumn Wingshooting

Autumn Wingshooting Belarus

Wingshooting season dates: Goose - third Saturday of September to second Sunday of December Ducks - second Saturday of August to second Sunday of December Woodcock - second Saturday of August to second Sunday of December Partridge - first Saturday of September to second Sunday of December Grouse - first Saturday of September to second Sunday of December Quail, doves - second Saturday of August to second Sunday of December Blackcock - second Saturday of August to second Sunday of December

Trip duration: 3 - 7 days

Hunting season: 11 Aug 2021 9 Dec 2021

Price from $721 for 3 days, 1 hunter
Duck/Dove/Partridge Hunting - Veracruz

Duck/Dove/Partridge Hunting - Veracruz Argentina

At Veracruz you can hunt different species of ducks depending on the time of the year. Duck shooting features comfortable and well camouflaged blinds. The shooting occurs on the shores of San Javier Rivers, over some of the hundreds of islands or over rice fields. We shoot twice a day, morning and evening. To the blinds will be from 20 minutes to an hour, including car or boat ride. Shooting over decoys starts at first light and continues until 10 am or after. Depending on the skills of the shooter, the limit of 30 ducks per hunt can be reached in 30 to 45 minutes. Most days, duck hunters return to the lodge for lunch and a siesta before afternoon departure at about 3pm for evening duck hunts. Perdiz over dogs is a great choice to hunt. They are fast and challenging. Beautiful walks over grassland. 20 to 40 minutes’ drive to get there. Dogs hunt with us. Season goes from May to July. We offer two options for dove shooting as well.

Trip duration: 3 - 10 days

Hunting season: 1 May 2021 31 Aug 2021

Price from $2,915 for 3 days, 1 hunter
Partridge Hunting Package - 6 guns

Partridge Hunting Package - 6 guns Spain

The red-legged partridge is the most popular small game species in Spain. Its bravery and the speed of its flight have converted this small bird into the most appreciated game in Spain. The territory is large and wavy, offering different kind of drives. Flights can be high or lower, but the high speed of the flights is constant at any drive. Then, we assist to a very challenging shooting where the guns are required to be skilled. At least 12 different drives are offered in the area, although just 4 or 5 are run every day. The area is fully dedicated to the red-legged partridge, converted into the queen of this territory. All the management and agriculture taken in the estate is just focused on the partridge. Then, this is how they achieve a large partridge population.

Trip duration: 2 days

Hunting season: 15 Oct 2021 10 Feb 2022

Package price $26,184 for 2 days, 6 hunters

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