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Where to hunt Nilgai Antelope

Nilgai, or "Blue Bull", the world’s second biggest antelope, is the native of the Indian Subcontinent. Hunting Nilgai in India is not allowed; however, along with other exotic species, Nilgai have been introduced to the New World. It thrives and is numerous in Texas, and you can hunt Nilgai as an exotic species there.

Price distribution

Nilgai antelope hunting in Texas can be had relatively cheap, if we’re talking about meat or cull hunts. Trophy Nilgai hunts may be priced at about $3,000, give or take a few hundred dollars. The price may vary depending on whether includes catering, lodging, and opportunities to hunt other exotic animals are included into it.

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When to hunt Nilgai Antelope?

As an exotic animal, Nilgai can be hunted a year round. However, most outfitters in Texas prefer to schedule Nilgai hunts from December to March. Even though Nilgai don’t have any definite mating period, breeding activity usually peaks in these months. Besides, colder weather makes it easier to preserve Nilgai’s delicious meat.


Hunting methods

Nilgai antelopes are usually hunted by the traditional spot-and-stalk technique. They prefer relatively open landscapes with low bushes or scarce trees, which is perfectly suitable for this hunt. This hunt is not an easy walk, though, as Nilgai are fast, agile, and have exceptionally keen eyesight and hearing. Nilgai antelope is a big beast, with males often tipping the scales at about 700 pounds. Its vitals are protected by exceptionally thick skin. Your rifle must pack enough firepower; most outfitters suggest .300 Magnum class cartridges as the minimum.

Why hunt Nilgai Antelope?

Nigai bulls carry short, pointed horns, about 18 cm (7”) in length. It is said that Nilgai meat is one of the tastiest game meats of all, and harvesting a Nilgai will bring you quite a lot of healthy, low-fat, free-range protein. But even more important than horns or meat is the challenge of the hunt. Nilgai are vary and careful, and are hard to attract by bait, so if you decide to hunt this exotic animal, you’re looking forward to a genuine and exciting experience.


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Nilgai antelope
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Nilgai Antelope

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