Menelik Bushbuck hunting

Also known as Arusi Bushbuck
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Where to hunt Menelik Bushbuck

Menelik's Bushbuck is an endemic species found in the Ethiopian Highlands. The shy, elusive forest antelope is closely related to the Mountain Nyala found in the region. They are strikingly dark in colour compared to the other Bushbuck species. They can only be hunted in the mountain forests of Ethiopia.

Price distribution

Daily rates for a plains game hunt in Ethiopia range from $1850 – 2550. In most cases, this excludes numerous other incidentals like conservation and community fees that have not been included in the daily rate prices. Daily rate fees depend on the length of the plains game safari. A trophy Menelik’s Bushbuck fee is around $6000 and keep in mind that this does not include any license fees.

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When to hunt Menelik Bushbuck?

Menelik’s Bushbuck may be hunted year-round as there is no set hunting season in Ethiopia. These nocturnal animals live in the dense forest undergrowth and may be spotted feeding on the forest margins or openings early in the morning or late afternoon. Being a water-dependent species, they make break cover to drink at one of the many mountain streams or springs. The best time to hunt Menelik’s Bushbuck is between October and June.


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Whilst glassing from one of the many vantage points overlooking a forested mountainside or canyon, look for any sign of movement. Bushbuck just seem to appear from nowhere when they break cover and usually it is a flash of white hair on the inside of their front legs that gives them away. Often additional spotters are posted at various vantage points during a Mountain Nyala hunt and will be told to make contact with the Professional Hunter should they spot a Menelik’s Bushbuck as well.

Why hunt Menelik Bushbuck?

The smallest of the spiral-horned antelope and one of the wiliest antelope to hunt. Bushbucks are known as Africa’s Whitetail and these jet black specimens with striking white markings must make it one of the most beautiful looking Bushbucks. When wounded, they must be treated with respect, as they are known to attack tracking dogs and even hunters alike.

Mountain Nyala and Menelik Bushbuck Hunt

Mountain Nyala and Menelik Bushbuck Hunt

Menelik bushbuck, Black-and-white colobus, Klipspringer, Leopard, Mountain nyala...
Trip duration: 15 days
Season: 1 Oct 2024 - 30 Jun 2025
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for 15 days, 1 hunter
Lowland and Mountain Plains Game Combo

Lowland and Mountain Plains Game Combo

Menelik bushbuck, Abyssinian bushbuck, African wild cat, Beisa oryx, Black-and-white colobus...
Trip duration: 26 days
Season: 1 Oct 2024 - 30 Jun 2025
Price from
for 26 days, 1 hunter
Menelik Bushbuck

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