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Where to hunt Marten

Marten, a small and graceful predator of the mustelid family. There are numerous species of marten, including sable, that exist in various parts of the Northern Hemisphere. But as far as hunting is concerned, "marten" usually stands for pine marten or beech (stone) marten in Europe, and American marten. Controversy exists whether the American marten should be classified along with European and Asian Martens in the family Mustelidae, or grouped with other New World predators. Marten hunting is offered by a few outfitters in Europe.

Price distribution

Marten hunting is usually included in small game or furbearer packages along with such animals as red fox, beaver, and raccoon dog. Such packages usually cost between $500 and $2,000. The price depends on such factors as the country, hunting methods (e.g. whether dogs are used), and the number of hunting days.

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When to hunt Marten?

Marten is usually hunted in the course of a regular furbearer or small game seasons. In various regions these can start as early as September and continue as late as March. The best time for marten hunting with dogs is perhaps the early winter, when the snow is there to show the predator's tracks, and yet is not deep enough to impede the movements of hunters and their dogs.


Hunting methods

Professional fur hunters usually harvested marten by trapping. For a sports hunter, however, perhaps the most exciting way of marten hunting is over dogs. Packs of hounds or laikas (one of versatile hunting dogs breeds native to Eurasia) can be used to follow the track of the predator until it takes refuge on a tree or in a pile of rocks. One of the biggest challenges in this hunt is to identify the precise spot where the marten is hiding, and the hunter must be ready for quick action when the predator, knowing it has been seen, makes a lighting-fast dash for escape. A combination gun, with one barrel for .22lr and the other for a shotgun round, is preferred for this hunt.

Why hunt Marten?

People used to pursue marten for various reasons. British gamekeepers waged a war against the whole marten family, considering them a threat to their beloved pheasants and partridges. In the north Eastern Europe marten hunting provided both additional income and an occupation in the cold winter month. In fact, marten skins were used as money all until the XVI century. In North America, marten fur was second only to beaver. But no matter who or why tried to hunt it, they invariably discovered that the small, cunning and wary predator was a worthy opponent. The excitement of the hunt and the initiation into an ancient tradition of hunting and explanation make it worthwhile to grab the opportunity of marten hunting should an opportunity present itself.

Multi Day Hunt

Multi Day Hunt

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