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Where to hunt Kafue Lechwe

The Common Lechwe group is made up of three subspecies – Red Lechwe, Kafue Lechwe and Black Lechwe. The Kafue Lechwe is named after the region where it is found where it is an endemic species of the Kafue River Basin in Zambia. These animals thrive on the very flat floodplains which are seasonally submerged by water during the rainy season. Locally plentiful, they can be seen wandering around in the water feeding on aquatic plants.

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Our listings offer four different options which include numerous different species in the package and an option on the length of stay from 5 day which includes 3 full hunting days up to 9 days with 7 full hunting days. The best priced package is the 5 day special selling at a discounted price of $5,000. The 9 day package also includes a Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Puku, Impala and Grey Duiker which sells at under $10,000. The 9 day Buffalo/Kafue Lechwe package normally sells for $16,700 but may be discounted, so check it out.

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When to hunt Kafue Lechwe?

Kafue Lechwe may be hunted all year round in this territory although the official hunting season for Zambia starts in May and runs to the end of November. The best time to hunt is the dry season, in June to August being the prime months with mild temperatures as later in the year in mid-September and October it can be unpleasantly hot. Avoid the early part of the year as it can be wet and muddy.


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When hunted in open territories or large concessions like the Kafue Flats, they can be quite quiet easy to spot being out on the floodplains. The problem is to get close enough to take a shot as they have a habit of just staying out of range. They also tend to mingle and move so it is also difficult to keep an eye on your chosen trophy. There is often no cover and it can be wet and muddy. The best time to hunt Lechwe is in the early morning as it can be really difficult to judge the distance in the simmering heat mirage on the flats. Not only that, the heat and humidity can get quite unbearable on the exposed floodplain at midday.

Why hunt Kafue Lechwe?

Lechwe make awesome shoulder mounts and do not take up much space in your trophy room wall. This is one hunt where you will probably need to get your feet wet traipsing around in the water trying to get closer to take a shot. This will always bring back those fond memories and experience of hunting in a swamp, something you do not get to do every day you hunt. Your marksmanship on long distance shot will be tested and makes for a good hunting story to be shared with your friends back home.

Bangweulu Swamp Sitatunga Safari

Bangweulu Swamp Sitatunga Safari

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Black lechwe, Burchells zebra, Bushpig, Cape buffalo, Chobe bushbuck...
Trip duration: 12 days
Season: 1 May 2022 - 31 Oct 2022
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Kafue Lechwe

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