Hog Deer hunting

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Where to hunt Hog Deer

Hog deer are the natives of the Indian Subcontinent, their range covering India and Pakistan. In the latter country they are legal to hunt. Free ranging populations of Hog Deer exist in Australia, where they are a popular hunting quarry. Hog Deer can also be hunted on some game farms in South Africa.

Price distribution

The most affordable Hog Deer hunting opportunities are found in South Africa, where the shooting fee is usually between $2,000 and $3,000. Add $250 a day as daily rate. In Pakistan a Hog Deer hunt are priced at about $6,000-$7,000, making it a better bargain than Hog Deer hunting in Australia that may cost up to $10,000 all said and done.

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When to hunt Hog Deer?

In Pakistan the Hog Deer hunting season runs from November to March of the next year. Hog Deer hunting in Australia is mostly limited to the month of April, but some preserves have special licenses allowing to hunt them from March to August. Hog Deer hunting in South Africa can take place all year round.


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Spot-and-stalk is by far the most popular method of Hog Deer hunting. It is easier said than done, however, as Hog Deer prefer dense cover. Your best chance of spotting them is when they come out into clearings to feed. Hog Deer may gather together in large groups where conditions allow, but do not form herds; they warn each other of danger by a characteristic alarm call, but scatter in different directions rather than escape all together. Hog Deer is on the small side, but can swallow lead on par with much bigger members of the deer family, so it is recommended to use the same weapon class as you would use for Red Deer or Elk.

Why hunt Hog Deer?

Hog Deer get their name from their characteristic way of making escape through cover, holding their heads low and ducking under obstacles. It is said that as they do it, it’s easy to confuse them with Wild Hog. Anywhere across their range they are prized as hunting trophies because of their delicious meat. Male hog deer carry antlers that can serve as a symbol, reminding the hunter about the excitement and the thrill of hunting the animal.

Hog deer hunt

Hog deer hunt

Sindh, Pakistan
Hog deer, Wild boar
Trip duration: 4 days
Season: 1 Nov 2024 - 15 Mar 2025
Package price
for 4 days, 1 hunter, 1 guest
Australian Trophy Hunt

Australian Trophy Hunt

Queensland, Australia
Hog deer, Axis deer, Blackbuck, Fallow deer, Moluccan rusa deer...
Trip duration: 4 - 14 days
Season: 1 Mar 2023 - 31 Aug 2024
Price from
for 4 days, 1 hunter
Cape Buffalo & Plains Game Hunt 1x1

Cape Buffalo & Plains Game Hunt 1x1

Eastern Cape, South Africa
Hog deer, Axis deer, Baboon, Barbary sheep, Black springbok...
Trip duration: 5 - 14 days
Season: 1 Mar 2024 - 30 Nov 2024
Price from
for 5 days, 1 hunter
Hog Deer

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