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Big Game Hunt

Big Game Hunt Argentina

Our ranch was stablished in a location of the Argentine Pampas where the ongoing study and monitoring of species ensures guests the most prized trophies in Big Game hunting Argentina, but with the most careful consideration of nature and the healthy practice of the sport. The variety of game, the aggressiveness of some species and the cunning of others, require the hunter to sharpen his dexterity, ingenuity, patience and good aim in order to obtain his trophy. Please inquire for available dates!

Trip duration: 3 - 14 days

Trip available on: 1 March 2019 1 August 2019

$2,670 for 1 hunter
2020 Unbeatable 7 species Grand Slam

2020 Unbeatable 7 species Grand Slam Argentina

We are one of the top ranches in Argentina offering +85,000 acres of endless free range woods with plenty of Stags, wild boar, rams and additional species like the massive water buffalo and the elusive Blackbucks plus other 10 additional species... challenge for all skill levels. Woody areas assure close encounters with shots in between 50-100 meters... plains areas will require longer shots up to 300 m. Tons of fun for rifle hunters and for bow hunters. Flat terrain with no special requirements nor any special physical condition. Everybody will enjoy the trip from the first minute to the last. On top of this, we offer excellent year round wingshooting on doves & pigeons so we can add wings to the hunt all at same location. We can offer you a 7 species slam program during March/April (Stag high season). Such program will give you the chance to feel the adrenaline of the spotting and stalking challenging stags by foot, facing close encounters with the massive water buffalo, chase Fallow Deer, the elusive Blackbucks, Hybrid Mouflon sheep, and additional game as per ur wish list. You will be able to pick additional game in between 14 species. All of this at the same location! Unbeatable 7 nights Grand Slam program Dates: March-April (excellent weeks for stags) 7 nights - 6 hunting days. All lodging and hunting services. 1 Free range Red Stag - no size limit. 1 Free range Blackbuck up to 55 SCI score class. 1 Free range Fallow Deer up to 160 SCI score class. 1 Free range Hybrid Mouflon Sheep up to 90 SCI score class. 1 Free range Water Buffalo up to 75 SCI score class. 1 Free range feral goat no limit in size. 1 free range Scottish black face ram no limit in size. 1 wingshooting day over doves & pigeons. 1 x 1 Hunting Guide. Special Price per hunter: USD 12,990 (reg price $16,400) Total Price per non Hunter: USD 1,750

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 1 March 2020 31 May 2020

$12,990 for 1 hunter
Free Lodging Big Game Package

Free Lodging Big Game Package Argentina

7 days all inclusive Big Game Hunt on 1x1. The price includes: 1x Water buffalo up to 70 SCI 1x Red stag up to 229 7/8 SCI 1x Black buck up to 47 SCI 1x Hybrid Mouflon up to 101 SCI

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 1 March 2019 31 August 2019

$9,550 for 1 hunter
Dorset Ram Hybrid Sheep

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