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Where to hunt Coyote

Coyotes are the natives of North America and are widespread all over the mainland USA and Canada. You can hunt coyote in just about every state and province, but outfitted hunts tend to concentrate in Texas, Arizona, and Alberta. There are opportunities to hunt coyotes in the East, including New York State, Maine, and New Brunswick, as well.

Price distribution

Dedicated coyote hunts start at about #300-350 per hunter per day. Coyote hunting is often combined with other predator hunts, such as fox and bobtail, or with hog hunting. Combination hunts are somewhat pricier, and may run up to $1,000 and more, in case the of coyote - black bear hunt. The most expensive options are those that involve and include travel to remote areas of the Northern Canada.

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When to hunt Coyote?

In most states and provinces coyotes can be killed year round. Their status of vermin doesn’t give them any particular protection. That makes coyotes some of the best “off-season” species, a quarry to pursue when you can’t hunt deer, birds and such. If you want a quality pelt for a trophy, you’d better schedule the hunt for colder months.


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By far the most popular method of coyote hunting is calling. The hunters can imitate the voices of coyote’s typical prey, such as rabbits or fawns, or the voices of coyotes themselves. When the canines answer the call, and come to investigate the source of the sound, regardless of whether they perceive it as a potential food source or a trespasser, they are alert, so good concealment is necessary. Many hunt coyotes at night, using night vision or thermal sights. An AR-type semiautomatic rifle for a smaller caliber seems to be a coyote hunter’s top choice.

Why hunt Coyote?

How does a predator hunt, a cull in other words, which some people do for a living, become something other people would like to pay for? Easy - if we’re dealing with such a cunning, wary and intelligent creature as the coyote. Coyote hunters do it to help other species, including deer, to protect pets and livestock, and for furs - while not precisely sable or beaver, a coyote skin has its value, too. But perhaps the thing that drives people to coyote hunting is the contest with a worthy opponent.

Guided Predator Hunt Day/Night

Guided Predator Hunt Day/Night United States

Arizona's Rim Country, including the high and low desert areas holds the most diverse predator habitat in the world. Our variety of predators ranging from coyotes, gray foxes, to bobcats, and majestic mountain lions as well. Predator hunting during the prime time season or during the off-season or in between the hunts. Experience a true predator pursuit like none other. Guiding the veteran predator hunter or instructing the beginner hunter is our passion. It is also a proven wildlife management for controlling the predator population in our prime hunting areas. We offer guided hunts involving an electronic caller and utilizing custom made hand calls. Coyotes and foxes mostly fall victim to the call, but occasionally, a bobcat will stalk-in to check out the situation. Be prepared for some point blank extreme excitement and fast shooting when any of these critters come charging or creeping into the stand. On our Arizona guided predator trips, we recommend our clients to book more than one day to pile up your Fur-Slam on your trip. A typical day of predator hunting takes place around northern & southern Arizona, and or on private ranches with in the state in the higher & low desert areas from sunset to sunrise in the heart of Arizona. Bolt rifles & AR platform rifles are preferred for our trips since we hunt in the open country and these critters tend to be wary. Shot guns with #4 buck shot will do the job when we hunt the thick country. Ranges could be anywhere from point blank using a shot gun and out to 300 yards taken on centerfire shots, but the average shots taken is under 100 yards. Centerfire cartridges such as .204, .223, .22-250, .243, or the 6.5 will get it done. Day Hunt $375 Per Hunter/Per Day $575 Per Hunter Combo Night/Day $275 Per Hunter/Night Resident Hunting License $37 Non-Resident Short-Term Combo License ($20) Per Day or ($160) Per Year AZGF Hunting License May Be Purchased Online at website.

Trip duration: 1 - 2 days

Hunting season: 1 Sep 2021 31 May 2022

Price from $375 for 1 day, 1 hunter
Day/Night Predator Hunt

Day/Night Predator Hunt United States

Predator Hunts Day and night ground hunts for coyotes and varmints. $1500 per shooter Professional guide included Elevated Blinds on Timed Feeders Vehicle Mounted Thermal Imagers The Latest and Greatest Thermal Imaging Scopes and Suppressed Rifles

Trip duration: 1 - 5 days

Hunting season: 1 Aug 2021 1 Aug 2022

Price from $1,500 for 1 day, 1 hunter
3 Day Unlimited Coyote Hunt

3 Day Unlimited Coyote Hunt Canada

We offer 3 day, full-service Guided Coyote Predator Hunts. With Coyote populations higher than ever in the Parkland/Prairie Region of Central Alberta, we can offer you great shooting opportunities. Using the most up-to-date calling techniques and decoys, it’s not uncommon to have multiple dogs come in to a single stand set. There’s no limits to how many you can harvest in Alberta. And the fur is Prime. If you want to have a hat, mitts or something else made, Canadian fur is what you want to use. Come see what Alberta Coyote Hunting is all about.

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 1 Dec 2021 28 Feb 2022

Package price $2,000 for 3 days, 1 hunter

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