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5 days

Hunt in the Mountains in Karpacz Poland

An exciting offer for a hunt in the mountains! Red deer, roe deer and wild boar all in one trip! Five animals included in the package price! Today we’d like to present you with an offer of an exciting hunt in the mountains. The hunting ground is located on the border of Karkonosze National Park. It’s a beautiful area with picturesque views, fresh mountain air and lots of game. It offers a unique but physically demanding hunting experience. Lots of stalking opportunities for hunters looking for a challenge and an adventure. The accommodations is in a spacious hunting lodge with a great view. Peace & quiet, a great place to get away from it all. Comfortable rooms and great home-cooked meals. Calculation includes: 5 animals in package (red deer female & fawn, roe deer female & fawn, all wild boar), accommodation + full board, preparing hunting ground and hunting organization, preparation and evaluation of trophies, pilot + translation assistance stalking + transport to/from hunting ground insurance + documentation STAG TROPHY PRICE Fee for the weight of antlers with skull, nasal and occipital bone and upper jaw. Weight Cost Extra to 2,00 kg 286,50 EUR from 2,01 to 2,49 kg 509,00 EUR from 2,50 to 2,99 kg 679,00 EUR from 3,00 to 3,49 kg 742,00 EUR from 3,50 to 4,99 kg 907,00 EUR from 5,00 to 5,99 kg 1 029,00 EUR for each 0,01kg over 5kg + 3,28 EUR from 6,00 to 6,99 kg 1 357,50 EUR for each 0,01kg over 6kg + 5,09 EUR from 7,00 to 7,99 kg 1 867,00 EUR for each 0,01kg over 7kg + 9,02 EUR from 8,00 kg 2 768,50 EUR for each 0,01kg over 8kg + 14,10 EUR Game Cost Red Deer spiker (up to 25cm) 133,00 EUR Red Deer stag - wounded 456,00 EUR

Calling High Seat Management Hunt Rifle Hunting Stalking

Red deer Roe deer Wild boar

Package Trip
Hunt in the Mountains in Karpacz Hunt in the Mountains in Karpacz Hunt in the Mountains in Karpacz Hunt in the Mountains in Karpacz Hunt in the Mountains in Karpacz
Package price
for 5 days, 1 hunter

5 reviews

Hunting season: 1 Oct 2019 15 Jan 2020

8 days


You have got to the right place if u are looking for quality spot and stalk bowhunt. Heavy woods, plains, openings with close encounters and tons of adrenaline. ​Our main Hunting Ranch is located at La Pampa province, the core spot for bowhunting free range Red Stags, Water Buffalo, Blackbucks, Fallow deer and others species. Woody areas assure close encounters with shots in between 30 and 60 yards... plains areas may require above 60 yards shots. Our team offers more than 80.000 acres of free range with several big game species like superb red stags, excellent blackbucks, incredible fallow deer, tuff water buffaloes, rams, boars and others. Best time for Red Stags bowhunt is by March because you will be one of the firsts hunter to walk the woods… no hunting pressure so far so chances of close range encounters will be assured. Game is abundant but hunting during first days of the high season is the key for archers. Both manager are bowhunter since youth… that's why we can offer excellent guiding service for demanding bowhunters. ​​Our special proposal includes a ​full week Stag bowhunt​​ along​ the option for​ a complete ​VIP ​logistic solution​​.​ ​ Unbeatable Red Stag bowhunt 7 nights - 6 hunting days. Checkin: April 17th, 2020 Checkout: April 24th, 2020 -> Trophies to be selected based on hunter´s bucket list (good week for Red Stags). -> 1 x 1 Guide. -> Option to hunt additional species (check price list). -> Comfortable double bed rooms lodging with private bathroom. -> All meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner by our chef. -> Day long appetizers with beer & spirits. -> All soft drinks, beers and our selected malbec wine.

Calling Bow Hunting High Seat Hunting From A Blind Management Hunt Stalking

Axis deer Blackbuck Fallow deer Feral goat Four-horned ram Karakul ram Mouflon Red deer Water buffalo Wild boar

Disabled friendly Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game Dangerous Game Sheep & Goat
Price from
for 8 days, 1 hunter

8 reviews

Hunting season: 17 Apr 2020 24 Apr 2020

5 days

Discounted!!!! 5 Day Waterfowl hunt 2019 Alberta, Canada

RARE HUNT AVAILABLE!! Unfortunately for a repeat client something has come up, so we have a 5 day hunt available the last week of September! Which is one of the best weeks to hunt Northern Alberta. This won't last long! We are in one of the first agricultural areas that migrating geese and ducks encounter on their annual journey from Northern nesting grounds to southern wintering areas. Combine this with thousands of local birds and your opportunities are endless. Our area boasts ducks like Mallards, pintails with bonuses of wigon’s, blue and green winged teal. Greater Canada geese, lesser with bonuses of cacklers, speckle belly and snows. We use a variety of full body, silhouette and moving decoys to ensuring we have what it takes to get birds on the ground for our hunters. Our hunts are conducted from willow, bale, box or layout blinds. With both us and/or our professional Molt gear guide in the blind with you to call and retrieve birds We pride ourselves in having a local family/staff business, we run with professional and friendly people, we demand respect and care for both our private and local property we gain access to with our waterfowl hunts. This is the best place to find a Canada waterfowl experience of a lifetime. Whichever hunt package you choose each hunter has a possession limit of a 3-day bag limit. This includes 24 geese, 24 ducks and 50 snow geese. GROUP RATES AVAILABLE PLEASE CONTACT US FOR INFORMATION

Calling Hunting From A Blind Shotgun Hunting

Duck Goose / Geese

Package Trip Transfer Small Game Wing Shooting Waterfowl
Discounted!!!! 5 Day Waterfowl hunt 2019 Discounted!!!! 5 Day Waterfowl hunt 2019 Discounted!!!! 5 Day Waterfowl hunt 2019 Discounted!!!! 5 Day Waterfowl hunt 2019 Discounted!!!! 5 Day Waterfowl hunt 2019
Package price
for 5 days, 1 hunter , 1 guest

1 review

Hunting season: 22 Sep 2019 28 Sep 2019

6 days

Winter Wolf Hunt in Alberta Alberta, Canada

As the temperatures drop in the North, the World-famous Canadian fur comes into prime condition. The deep snow makes it easy for the large Alberta Timber Wolf to travel quickly and scour the territory for their next big meal. We take pride in our extensive knowledge of the hunting area and the dense resident population of Wolves. The strategically chosen sets are monitored regularly and restocked with bait to ensure the consistent return of the Alpha Canid giving you the best opportunity at your dream Northern Alberta Wolf. Hunters will be situated over kill sights, bait piles, and travel corridors in heated ground-blinds. Guides will transport you by pickup truck to the hunting area, then ATV or Snow-machine up to the blind setup. The areas we target boast very high color variations in Wolves and range from the typical salt and pepper, to jet-black, arctic white, and even the rare blue phase. As a result of the very high and dense populations of Canine predators, Alberta currently has no limit on the number of Wolves or Coyotes eligible for harvest, and both species fall under the same license. All Wolves and Coyotes taken are included in original hunt cost. *No Trophy Fee attached Hunters can expect full accommodations in a local hotel within an hours drive of the hunting area. The day begins early in the morning to allow adequate time for travel to the bait-set before sunrise. Breakfast in town and a home-style bagged lunch will be provided before leaving for the day and an exceptional dinner upon arrival back to town in the evening. Custom length hunts are available, please contact for details.

Calling Baiting Bow Hunting Hunting From A Blind Rifle Hunting Stalking


Package Trip Disabled friendly Transfer Dangerous Game Predators
Winter Wolf Hunt in Alberta Winter Wolf Hunt in Alberta Winter Wolf Hunt in Alberta Winter Wolf Hunt in Alberta Winter Wolf Hunt in Alberta
Package price
for 6 days, 1 hunter

Hunting season: 1 Dec 2019 31 Mar 2020

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