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Why can a hunt be offered at a reduced price?

Discounted hunts, like all hunts on our online marketplace, come directly from outfitters, with no middle man or extra cost.

Pre-season discounts

Some outfitters offer pre-season discounts to ensure they book enough hunters to cover operating costs, or they offer mid-season discounts after the target number have been met.

Over quota

Sometimes an outfitter sets their price according to the minimum quota they expect to get from regulatory agencies, and if the quota is actually higher than that, it allows them to offer a discount.

Free space

Or they might simply have a spot open they wish to fill or a last minute cancellation.

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Whether you're looking for whitetail deer hunting near home, or the best priced African safari, our discounted trips page is the place where you can usually find the lowest prices for hunting trips.

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In any case, a discounted hunt is a win for the client without any loss of quality. It's important to note that the discounts are provided by outfitters, not by, and are actually part of our Best Price Guarantee.

Combined Moose, Wolf, bird hunt

Combined Moose, Wolf, bird hunt Russia

Best time: 10-28 sept 2019 Number of days: 10-15 days Number of people: 1-3 hunters, 0-3 guests Method of hunt/chances: Moose bull - stalking / 80% Fox - stalking, trap / 70% Wolf - stalking, trap / 70% Hazel grouse and capercaille - stalking with a decoy/ 90% Destination: wild forests of Yakutia (East Siberia)

Trip duration: 15 days

Trip available on: 1 December 2018 28 September 2019

$10,227 for 3 hunters and 3 guests
Wild Boar Hunt under the full Moon

Wild Boar Hunt under the full Moon Portugal

Through the summer months there isn't a lot to chase, but in Portugal we can hunt wild Boar all year round under the full moon. We take care of our game and that means keep feeding station well fed all year round, and with that we have plenty activity. This way of hunting gives good opportunities for fantastic trophies, but you have to be patient and hold your trigger finger long enough. We can look after 5 hunters at any time. Feel free to get in touch with your requirements, we are here to help and make it special!

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 1 March 2019 31 July 2019

$2,246 for 1 hunter
Special 3 Day Antelope Hunt 2x1 '19

Special 3 Day Antelope Hunt 2x1 '19 United States

Whether you have decided to chase antelope with a bow or with a rifle, you are going to have a great time hunting one of Wyoming's signature animals! Our archery antelope hunts are mainly based out of ground blinds and our rifle hunts are generally spot and stalk. Unless you would like to try something different, we are willing to try to accommodate your wants and needs! The hunt includes accommodations and transportation during your hunt, with meals, trophy and meat care also included. Your hunt price is for one guide for two hunters, one on one hunts can be arranged in advance. Seasons: Archery Antelope - August 15-31st Antelope Rifle - October 1st-31st Please note that this hunt requires draw license in Wyoming, please contact for exact drawing odds.

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 15 August 2019 31 October 2019

$2,300 for 1 hunter

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