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Where to hunt Coyote

Coyotes are the natives of North America and are widespread all over the mainland USA and Canada. You can hunt coyote in just about every state and province, but outfitted hunts tend to concentrate in Texas, Arizona, and Alberta. There are opportunities to hunt coyotes in the East, including New York State, Maine, and New Brunswick, as well.

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Price distribution

Dedicated coyote hunts start at about #300-350 per hunter per day. Coyote hunting is often combined with other predator hunts, such as fox and bobtail, or with hog hunting. Combination hunts are somewhat pricier, and may run up to $1,000 and more, in case the of coyote - black bear hunt. The most expensive options are those that involve and include travel to remote areas of the Northern Canada.

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When to hunt Coyote?

In most states and provinces coyotes can be killed year round. Their status of vermin doesn’t give them any particular protection. That makes coyotes some of the best “off-season” species, a quarry to pursue when you can’t hunt deer, birds and such. If you want a quality pelt for a trophy, you’d better schedule the hunt for colder months.


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By far the most popular method of coyote hunting is calling. The hunters can imitate the voices of coyote’s typical prey, such as rabbits or fawns, or the voices of coyotes themselves. When the canines answer the call, and come to investigate the source of the sound, regardless of whether they perceive it as a potential food source or a trespasser, they are alert, so good concealment is necessary. Many hunt coyotes at night, using night vision or thermal sights. An AR-type semiautomatic rifle for a smaller caliber seems to be a coyote hunter’s top choice.

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Why hunt Coyote? All hunts (17)

How does a predator hunt, a cull in other words, which some people do for a living, become something other people would like to pay for? Easy - if we’re dealing with such a cunning, wary and intelligent creature as the coyote. Coyote hunters do it to help other species, including deer, to protect pets and livestock, and for furs - while not precisely sable or beaver, a coyote skin has its value, too. But perhaps the thing that drives people to coyote hunting is the contest with a worthy opponent.

Predator Hunt Day/Night

Predator Hunt Day/Night United States

Arizona's Rim Country, including the high and low desert areas holds the most diverse predator habitat in the world. Our variety of predators ranging from coyotes, gray foxes, to bobcats, and majestic mountain lions as well. Predator hunting during the prime time season or during the off-season or in between the hunts. Experience a true predator pursuit like none other. Guiding the veteran predator hunter or instructing the beginner hunter is our passion. It is also a proven wildlife management for controlling the predator population in our prime hunting areas. We offer guided hunts involving an electronic caller and utilizing custom made hand calls. Coyotes and foxes mostly fall victim to the call, but occasionally, a bobcat will stalk-in to check out the situation. Be prepared for some point blank extreme excitement and fast shooting when any of these critters come charging or creeping into the stand. On our Arizona guided predator trips, we recommend our clients to book more than one day to pile up your Fur-Slam on your trip. A typical day of predator hunting takes place around northern & southern Arizona, and or on private ranches with in the state in the higher & low desert areas from sunset to sunrise in the heart of Arizona. Bolt rifles & AR platform rifles are preferred for our trips since we hunt in the open country and these critters tend to be wary. Shot guns with #4 buck shot will do the job when we hunt the thick country. Ranges could be anywhere from point blank using a shot gun and out to 300 yards taken on centerfire shots, but the average shots taken is under 100 yards. Centerfire cartridges such as .204, .223, .22-250, .243, or the 6.5 will get it done. ($350) Per Hunter/Per Day Resident Hunting License ($37) Non-Resident Short-Term Combo License ($20) Per Day or ($160) Per Year AZGF Hunting License May Be Purchased Online at website. Trip available on Jan 1st 2018 - May 31st 2019

Trip duration: 1 day

Trip available on: 1 January 2018 31 May 2019

$350 for 1 hunter
Hog and Predator Combo Hunts

Hog and Predator Combo Hunts United States

It's no secret that our country's hog population has skyrocketed over recent years. And our premier area of Oklahoma is no different. Oklahoma hog population has absolutely exploded over a short amount of time which has, in turn, created a huge opportunity for hunters all across the country to come harvest a nice trophy. We have a select set of farms that are heavily baited year round in order to increase shot opportunities. This is a 100% fair chase hunt and includes all lodging and transportation to and from stand locations. There are no licenses or permits required in the state of Oklahoma in order to hunt hogs! Our facilities are available to our hog hunters if they want to clean their kills if desired. Choose the number of days you wish to hunt with a three day minimum. The varmint hunting opportunities are top notch. The Oklahoma coyote population is extremely dense and must be dealt with in order for our whitetail deer and turkey population to thrive. We also have a very healthy population of bobcats that would make a wonderful trophy in any lodge or home. With thousands of acres to hunt, there are plenty of areas to have the ultimate predator hunt.

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 1 September 2018 31 August 2019

$2,700 for 1 hunter
Yote Hunt 3 days/nights

Yote Hunt 3 days/nights United States

This is for a coyote hunting only. $300 for 1,2 or 3 days. You are doing me a favor by shooting a few yotes! Absolutely no target shooting, no citing in guns, no shooting at anything other than a coyote in your crosshairs. This is for people who want the difficult task of hunting a coyote; they are much more clever than whitetail. *You must call coyote with a powerful speaker call...they don't visit food plots! Sorry....I had to say it. _____ I run 4-5 auto-corn feeders nearly year-round so the turkey enjoy these advantages as well. When turkey season kicks in, the corn feeders are shut off by law, but the flocks regularly visit the alfalfa, clover, brassica remains, cereal oats, etc. $500 per hunter for 3 day/night turkey hunts and $800 per hunter for 5 day/night bow hunts. $1,900 per hunter for gun hunts, but those sell out early. At $500 per hunter, and even if you book just for yourself, you won't be be mixed with "strangers" on the property or at the cabin. I don't cook for you or walk you to your stands. My work is done managing for the deer, I leave the hunting up to you. The cabin is free to use and is basic: gas lights, gas heat, gas cookstove, but no running water. It has an outhouse. Has bunkbeds, pullout coach, etc. There is a $49 per night motel 20 minutes away if needed. If anyone isn't feeling good or doesn't get around well, the cabin sits in the woods a little on a good clover food plot. You likely will get deer and turkey visitors! All the food plots we have for our trophy whitetail hunts are perfect for Kentucky turkey hunting! If you’re looking to shoot some great gobblers, at least come and tour our property. All the small clover and alfalfa food plots, it makes for an ideal place to spend Kentucky Spring turkey season. We have side by sides available if you want to make an appointment to swing by and see the property if you’re considering a Kentucky turkey hunt.

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 5 February 2019 30 June 2019

$300 for 1 hunter

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