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Where to hunt Brown Bear

Brown bear, a.k.a. grizzly (genetic studies confirm it is the same species) historically occupied all temperate climate zones in Europe, Asia and America. Habitat loss and conflicts with humans have dramatically reduced its range. With the future of grizzly hunts in the Lower 48 still uncertain, the only two areas in North America that offer brown bear hunting are Alaska and Yukon. Russia is the prime alternative for an American who is looking for affordable bear hunting opportunities. Other countries where brown bear season is open include Estonia and Croatia.

Price distribution

The most affordable brown bear hunts are to be found in Russia. Actually, the prices are so low that many people find them suspicious - you can fit the price for a brown bear hunt, travel exclusive, in the European part of Russia in $2,000 (read the blog story that explains how it’s possible). Prices grow along with average trophy size as you move eastward, and are just over 10,000 for the legendary Kamchatka bruins. The prime trophies and well-equipped outfitters for brown bears in the USA (Alaska), especially on the famous Kodiak island, and Canada (Yukon) command premium prices as well.

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Tags, Licenses and Rules

Bears are not endangered in the areas where hunting is legal, nevertheless, hunting is strictly regulated to make sure populations remain healthy. Brown bear hunting in Alaska and Yukon does not require tag draw, but non-residents must be accompanied by a licensed guide. Hunting female bears with cubs is universally banned; trophy hunting discriminates against harvest of females anyway, because male bears are significantly bigger and most females don’t reach the size that will satisfy a trophy hunter.

11 May 2017 From Europe to Kamchatka: Seven Options for Bear Hunting in Russia

When to hunt Brown Bear?

There are two main seasons for bear hunting: in spring, after the bruins leave their dens, and in the fall, before the denning time. The former runs in March to May, the latter - August to October. Both seasons are similar, in that bears feed actively, in order to accumulate enough fat for the denning, or to compensate for calorie loss during winter sleep, and concentrate around preferred food sources such as salmon runs. In addition, less dense vegetation makes it easier to locate a bear and estimate its size. But different feeding strategies employed by the bruins call for different hunting methods.


Hunting methods All hunting methods (9)

In the USA and Canada the most common way of hunting brown bear is spot and stalk, especially on salmon runs when bears feed on the fish. The same way is practiced on the other side of the Pacific, in Kamchatka. In Europe most bears are hunted over bait. Russia offers the widest variety of hunting methods, including hunting with laika dogs (the hunters stalk the bear while dogs keep it at bay), hunting from improvised high seats placed where bears plunder oat fields, and hunting bear raised from its den (no, one doesn’t kill a sleeping bear in the den).

Why hunt Brown Bear? All hunts (80)

Since the dawn of times, bears and humans were two similar, intelligent and omnivorous species that competed for the same environment and food sources. No wonder the idea of bear hunting still makes people very emotional, on both sides of the hunting debate. It is these primal emotions that make hunters go find bears, not the prospect of a big rug or entry in the trophy book. This said, bear meat (where it is not infected with trichinosis) is a delicacy. Brown bear hunting is dangerous game hunting, so be sure you’re packing an adequate rifle and load combination, and listen to your guide well.

Spring Coastal Brown Bear Hunt 1x1 '20

Spring Coastal Brown Bear Hunt 1x1 '20 United States

Spring Brown Bear hunts are my personal favorite because of long daylight hours and mild weather. Spring bear hunts can be booked as combination Black Bear and Brown Bear hunts. We often hunt the favorite spring feeding areas of bears, which include horsetail ferns in open areas between shrub alder clumps and exposed snow slides, which are favorite places for bears to forage for winter-kill mountain goats. In some instances, we may take a stand along game trails and open river bottoms, or we may opt to utilize spot and stalk methods on the mountainsides immediately above camp. Spring bears are generally active throughout all daylight hours, with peak hunting activity in the late evening, often via moonlight, which is legal in Alaska. Being situated at a high vantage point with an electronic predator call and a remote speaker located at a lower elevation promises expanded opportunities to observe and judge predatory spring bears as they travel hundreds of yards to locate the sound of a bear cub in distress, or the plaintive call of a moose calf. One early-season, high-probability, spring hunt takes place where Brown Bears that have just emerged from hibernation walk right past one of my privately-owned cabins while in rout to the first green-up food source of the year. During a portion of any hunt we may use one of five remote hunting cabins, a tent camp, or hunt directly from my 1923 homestead log cabin. Hunters should arrive a day before a hunt starts, and depart a day after it ends.

Trip duration: 12 days

Hunting season: 15 Apr 2020 31 May 2020

$16,950 for 1 hunter
Yacht Based Fall Brown Bear 2020

Yacht Based Fall Brown Bear 2020 United States

You will be hunting the Famous ABC Islands (Admiralty, Baranof, and Chicagof) for huge Brown Bears. We have hunts available in both spring and fall every year. Our hunts take place from one of our Yachts that serve as base camp. From there you access the hunting areas in smaller 16 -18 ft boats or “Skiffs. Fall Brown Bear hunting in southeast Alaska takes place along one of numerous streams where salmon spawn, during the months of September and October. Hunts are based from one of our custom vessels, with hunters venturing forth one-on-one to a separate hunting location each day; returning to a warm, dry boat and a hot meal each evening. Skiffs launched from the “base camp” vessel are used to access river estuaries, then hunts are a walk then sit style up the salmon streams in the beautiful old growth rainforest. This hunt offers the unique experience of being in some of the most magical environments on earth. Hunters are expected to be able to walk upwards of 2 miles in Chest waders over slick moss covered rocks, logs, trees and uneven ground. The Brown Bear we work to harvest square from 9ft to 10ft+ with skull size ranging from 23 - 28 inch. Our Black Bear square from 7ft to 8 1/2ft+ with skulls ranging from 17 - 22 inch. Brown Bear hunts are 10 days of hunting. Combination Brown Bear and Black Bear hunts in the fall are available on select dates and is added on at $8,000. Please inquire for available dates!

Trip duration: 10 days

Hunting season: 15 Sep 2020 5 Oct 2020

$28,500 for 1 hunter
Spring Brown Bear Hunt

Spring Brown Bear Hunt Croatia

Due to ideal biotope and conditions, Croatia is among the few European countries that has strong and stable brown bear population (approximately 800). Bears live in Primorsko- Goranska and Lika-Senj Counties where we, together with our partners, organize hunting trips. Mountainous areas and calm nature are the main habitat of these bears, while they only pass through low-land regions. Hunt is recommended in winter and in early spring during full moon, the exact date has to be negotiated with hunting ground manager. Trophies from recent years prove good bear skin quality that often scores over 350 CIC. Hunting is performed from high, closed and comfortable shooting stands. Bear regularly visit carcass dumps and successful hunt is guaranteed. The package includes 4 nights stay and 3 hunting days, trophies are payable on harvest according to their CIC points: up to 299,99 CIC p. 16 € 300 – 349,99 CIC p. 19 € 350 – 374,99 CIC p. 22 € 375 – 399,99 CIC p. 24 € 400 – 449,99 CIC p. 28 € 450 – 499,99 CIC p. 35 €

Trip duration: 4 days

Hunting season: 2 Mar 2020 30 Apr 2020

$6,672 for 1 hunter
Brown Bear

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