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Southern Impala is by far the most numerous and the most widespread variety of Common Impala, one of the most popular trophies in Africa. The herds of this graceful antelope roam the savannah, scrub and bush landscapes in the southern and eastern part of the African continent. Southern Impala hunting is legal in northern Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa.

Price distribution

Southern Impala shooting fees can be priced as low as $250. To the trophy fee you should add the daily rates, which will bring the price of the total hunt to $1,000 or so. Few hunters, however, would travel all the way to Africa to hunt just one species; Impala are usually hunted as part of a “plains game” package. Such packages are usually priced in the $3,000-$5,000 range.

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It can be hard for a beginner to calculate a budget for an African hunting adventure. Some of the prices seem too good to be true, others may sound prohibitively expensive. Most outfitters list only “daily rates” and “trophy fees”, sometimes a “package tour”. There’s a long list of things that are “not included” in these costs, and some that are not even mentioned there (like air fare). What are the “other costs” and how much can the total price of the trip come down to?

August 17, 2017 All said and done: What’s the bottom line for an average South African hunt?

When to hunt Southern Impala?

On game farms you can hunt Impala almost a year round, but in some places December and January may be too hot for comfortable hunting. The best time to hunt any species of Impala is the rut, when males fight for dominance, and the biggest and oldest are easy to recognize. The rut takes place in May. The rest of the African winter, June to September, is also a good time for a plains game hunt.


Hunting methods All hunting methods (6)

Impala inhabits shrub and savannah type habitat where a hunter and the PH can see far to spot the animals, and yet there’s enough cover to stalk them. Spot-and-stalk is the method of choice for trophy hunters, because the hunter and the PH usually have the time to estimate the trophy quality and make the decision whether the hunter wants this particular animal or not. Impalas are social animals, and the hunter must make sure there is no chance of a pass-through bullet hitting another antelope. An alternative way is hunting from a ground blind or tree stand positioned over a waterhole, as Impala drink almost daily.

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Southern Impala is a graceful medium-sized antelope. The males may stand up to 92 sm. (36”) at the shoulder and weigh up to 76 kg. (170 lb). Only the males carry horns, that keep growing all their lives. Impala has reddish-brown flanks and white underbelly, with a bushy tail and black stripes running on the hind legs. They are amazing jumpers, and may easily clear the typical 7-feet fence that African game farmers surround their property with. Impala is the most popular trophy with international hunters in South Africa, according to a recent survey, and this graceful, elegant antelope should be on the bucket list of everyone who plans to hunt Africa.

7 Day Greater Kudu Safari

7 Day Greater Kudu Safari South Africa

Hunt Greater Kudu, Common Blesbuck, Southern Impala & Baboon in South Africa at Balla-Balla Conservancy. We can assure you 100% success rate. South Africa is also home to some unique plains game species like Limpopo Bushbuck, Klipspringer, Mountain Reedbuck, Hartmann Zebra, Burchall Zebra, White Blesbuck, Gemsbok, Black Impala, Common Waterbuck, White-flank Impala, Cape Eland, Giraffe, Golden Wildebeest, Sable Antelope, Roan Antelope, Red Duiker, Sharps Grysbuck, Nyala, Civet, Honey Badger, Baboon and more. A great bow hunting destination. Contact us for more information and a full price list on species available to hunt.

Trip duration: 9 days

Hunting season: 1 January 2019 31 December 2020

$3,750 for 1 hunter
Plains Game Hunt 1x1

Plains Game Hunt 1x1 South Africa

You can select animals and number of hunters based on 1x1 guiding. Please contact for available dates.

Trip duration: 5 - 14 days

Hunting season: 1 January 2019 31 December 2019

$3,950 for 1 hunter
Free State Plains Game Hunt 1x1

Free State Plains Game Hunt 1x1 South Africa

The essence of our South African plains game hunting package is to make an African hunting experience available to first time hunters or those at a limited budget to still enjoy the splendor and lure of South Africa in an as cost effective way possible. It is ideal for Father/son, Father/daughter or Mom/Pop & Kids hunts that will not break the bank and create a never-to-be-forgotten special life experience. These adventures are as much about the hunt as it is about bonding. Our South African plains game hunting package includes four Plains game antelope species that you can hunt during a 6 day, 7 night hunting trip. US $ 3 990 – 2×1 US $ 4 290 – 1×1 The location for the hunt will be in the Freestate province. Accommodation is a comfortable, non luxurious (similar to 3*) accommodation with en-suite facilities and all necessary amenities. Malaria free area. 1 Black wildebeest per hunter. 1 Blesbok (common) per hunter. 1 Impala (southern) per hunter. 1 Springbok (common) per hunter. Non hunting observer/companion – US $ 180 per person, per day.

Trip duration: 7 days

Hunting season: 1 March 2019 30 November 2019

$3,990 for 1 hunter
Southern Impala

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