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Where to hunt Southeastern Ibex

Southeastern ibex, also known as Sierra Nevada ibex, along with Ronda, Gredos and Beceite ibex, is one of the four types of ibex to be found in Spain. Trophy books have different entries for all of them, because of significant difference in size and shape of the horns, even though biologists distinguish only two subspecies. True to its name, the southeastern ibex inhabits the Sierra Nevada range that starts in the area of the famous city of Granada and rolls down to the Mediterranean coast. The Sierra Nevada range features some of the highest mountains in Spain.

Price distribution

Southeastern ibex hunting opportunities may start at about $5,000, but usually go up to $10,000 or more. The price is often made up of daily rate + trophy fee. The daily rate, that is, the price of the hunt itself, may range from $2,000 to $4,000, while the trophy fee could be as high as $15,000 or more for an exceptionally large animal. Hunters who care more about experience than horn size are advised to look for flat-fee based hunts, which are rarer but can still be found. The more expensive ibex hunts are usually package deals, with more than one trophy or species included, or calculated for a group of a few hunters. Don’t forget to add the cost of preparing and shipping your trophy back home.

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Ibex hunting in a different country will be not only an exciting and unusual hunting experience, but often an eye-opener into a different culture, and into the role that modern, regulated hunting plays as a powerful conservation tool. Read the first-hand voices of American hunters and their experience hunting ibex with an outfitter that carries out a community based, trophy hunting funded, conservation program.

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When to hunt Southeastern Ibex?

Southeastern ibex hunting season in Spain is shorter than for other kinds of ibex (except the Ronda ibex), and runs from November 1 to May 1. The best time for ibex hunting is usually the rut, which happens in late November – early December. Some hunters, however, prefer to hunt the end of the season, in late April, as spring hunts are considered to be less exhausting than winter hunts.


Hunting methods All hunting methods (4)

Hunting Southeastern Ibex is the classic mountain hunt, not much different from from hunting any other kind of ibex. The hunter, accompanied by an experienced guide, starts out in the morning to glass for animals; once a suitable animal is found, the stalk begins. The animals usually move about and feed in the mornings and evenings, so prepare to get up early to be up in the mountains by sunrise and end the hunt at sundown. There may be a chance, though, to have a siesta in the afternoon, when the ibex bed to chew cud, and are hard to see.

Why hunt Southeastern Ibex? All hunts (22)

Southeastern ibex is larger than Ronda ibex, but smaller than other varieties. It has long curving horns that sometimes grow with points towards the bases, roughly resembling a mouflon, and in other animals looking rather like a very broad corkscrew. It is amazing how populations of basically the same species, located near each other, develop such different shapes of horns, and it’s easy to understand hunters who seek to collect all four subspecies of Spanish ibex. The southeastern ibex range is located not far from popular resorts and important historic sights, especially those with Moorish heritage, so this hunt combines perfectly with a family vacation. Top that with an exciting classic mountain hunting adventure, and you’ll see why people keep returning to Spain over and over again.

South Eastern & Ronda Ibex hunt

South Eastern & Ronda Ibex hunt Spain

We are specialized in the South-Easter(Sierra Nevada) and Ronda Spanish ibex, the king of the Spanish mountains. It is recognized by the striking, backward-arching horns of the male, which are incredibly long, and ridged on their outer curve, casting a wonderful silhouette. On males, horns are much larger and more developed than those of the female, and can grow up to an astonishing 80 centimeters long.

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 1 Oct 2019 31 Mar 2020

$8,560 for 1 hunter
Spanish Ibex Grand Slam: all 4 species

Spanish Ibex Grand Slam: all 4 species Spain

The Spanish Ibex inhabits the Spanish mainland and is spread in different locations that origin their differences between the 4 subspecies (Gredos, Beceite, South East and Ronda). Harvesting all of them is a nice challenge that takes 12 hunting days. During this trip you will know different locations and very different landscapes, so you will be aware of the Spanish variety. This is a great occasion to know all what Spain has to offer. This hunt can be taken either with a rifle or a bow, although in any case a moderated-good shape is required to succeed on this hunt. Hunting season goes from October 15th to May 31st. Best months are November, December and April. All our hunts are run in free range areas.

Trip duration: 12 days

Hunting season: 15 Oct 2019 31 May 2020

$16,721 for 1 hunter
Southeastern Ibex hunt

Southeastern Ibex hunt Spain

Sierra Nevada Ibex or Southeastern Spanish Ibex (Capra pyrenaica Hispánica) is one of three categories established for record-keeping purposes by splitting Mediterranean ibex (subspecies Hispánica) into geographical groups based on horn size and shape. Smaller and lighter in color than the Beceite and Gredos types, but larger and darker than the Ronda type. Horn size and shape vary considerably from place to place, with those from the Sierra Nevada generally the largest. Horns tend to be the most distinctive, forming a circle with the tips growing toward the neck like those of a mouflon. The keel is smooth, making the horns almost round in cross-section.

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 1 Oct 2019 31 May 2020

$6,421 for 1 hunter
Southeastern Ibex

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