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Muzzleloader trips in Canada 35 hunts

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7 days

Manitoba Fall Black Bear Hunt Manitoba, Canada

We would like to invite you to hunt with us during the 2019 fall season. The chance of taking a trophy bear of a lifetime is a reality with us in Northern Manitoba. We are equipped to take to 36 hunters over a 5 week spring season hunting a total of 10 different camps. Each camp is only hunted one week out of the entire spring season. All of our hunts are remote fly-ins to lakes in our exclusive allocated area of 5,000 sq. miles. There is absolutely no road access to these areas. Our success is based on the shooting opportunity of our hunters to harvest a legal bear and that usually runs close to 100%. Most of the bears taken with bows make the Pope & Young record book, the average weight varies between 200-500 lbs. The maximum hunters in a fly-in camp are 6, with 3 hunters being the average. We provide all the stands, active baits, accommodations, guides, floatplane flights to outcamps, boats, motors & gas. At our lodge then the meals are included. We are flexible to your needs. Fishing is also included! Our area consistently produces all the color phase bears; blonde, cinnamon and chocolate brown. Every spring our hunters shoot bears that make 7 ft., weigh close to 500 lbs. and have skull sizes that score up to 21 inches. We have had the honor to guide great bow hunters such as: G. Fred Asbel, Larry D. Jones (4 times), Curt Wells (3 times), Dave Canfield, Dr. David Samuels and the honorable Judge Ernest Gilbert (9 times) whom have featured several articles in “Bowhunter Magazine”. We were especially excited to be able to guide; Dwight Schuh (Hunting Editor for Bowhunter Mag.) and Larry D. Jones. We also hosted the Bowhunter T.V. Series show during which Curt Wells & Larry D. Jones both shot record book bears that both made the Pope and Young all time record book. In 2014 & 2015 we hosted Jason Mitchell’s first TV episode filmed for “Passion for the Hunt”.

Muzzleloader Bow Hunting Hunting From A Blind Rifle Hunting Stalking

Black bear

Package Trip Disabled friendly Fishing Transfer Dangerous Game Predators
Manitoba Fall Black Bear Hunt Manitoba Fall Black Bear Hunt Manitoba Fall Black Bear Hunt Manitoba Fall Black Bear Hunt Manitoba Fall Black Bear Hunt
Package price
for 7 days, 1 hunter

Trip available on: 28 Aug 2019 15 Oct 2019

8 days

Whitetail Deer 1x1 Hunt 2019 Alberta, Canada

We hunt our Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer as a combo in our Southern Peace Country territory. There is a healthy population of both species and an excellent chance of taking both home, on this 8 day hunt. There are tens of thousands of acres of prime farmland and river breaks to hunt, so there is always good numbers of mature deer available. We are also the exclusive outfitter for this area and there will be a maximum of 4 hunters in camp at any one time, so the deer will never feel pressured. Although we will give you 100% effort at all times, this is still free range deer hunting, and not every client will be successful. You can expect to see many deer each day as we target these big bucks in November during the rut. Whitetail in the 140” – 180” range and Mule Deer in the 150” - 200” range is what we are looking for, although larger bucks of each species have been killed in the area. Whitetail are primarily hunted using ground blinds and occasionally two man ladder stands if need be. We hunt bush edges and fields with food sources that hold good numbers of does, as this is where the big bucks are cruising at this time of the year. Mule Deer are hunted primarily by spot and stalk. We look for big deer from the pickups and make a play once a good animal is found. Occasionally we will hunt them from ground blinds as well, if we know of a big deer that’s living in the area. *Add on Mule Deer for $125 license plus $1500 trophy fee

Muzzleloader Bow Hunting Calling Rifle Hunting Stalking

White-tailed deer

Package Trip Transfer
Whitetail Deer 1x1 Hunt 2019 Whitetail Deer 1x1 Hunt 2019 Whitetail Deer 1x1 Hunt 2019 Whitetail Deer 1x1 Hunt 2019 Whitetail Deer 1x1 Hunt 2019
Package price
for 8 days, 1 hunter

Trip available on: 1 Nov 2019 30 Nov 2019

7 days

Fly-in 7-day Woodland Caribou Hunt Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Big game hunting for Woodland Caribou is allowable only in Newfoundland. We hunt the Middle Ridge herd - the largest woodland caribou herd and the one with the highest proportion of trophy class animals. Large males, weighing upwards of 500 lbs. and sporting an impressive mahogany colored antlered crown is beautiful to see and a challenge to hunt. The mating period for caribou usually occurs during the period early October to mid November. 25% of the woodland caribou taken here are record book specimens. Woodland caribou hunting is akin to moose hunting in that this caribou shares a large portion of its range with moose, and is relatively sedentary, making only short migrations to calving/summer range and winter range. Woodland caribou hunting is truly an enjoyable experience, and for us a premium big game hunting adventure. Each day of woodland caribou hunting begins with an early rise and a hearty breakfast. As with moose hunting, you will leave camp just as the dawn begins to show. Prime woodland caribou hunting areas are within a short walk, and sometimes caribou will emerge from the bush within rock throwing distance from the hunting lodge, or on the beach in front of the hunting lodge. If that doesn't happen, your hunt package includes one return helicopter trip to the major rutting areas. We are located on the route followed by the famous British hunter and traveler John G. Millais who returned to Newfoundland in 1904 to hunt woodland caribou because of hunting stories he had been told previously while hunting elsewhere in Newfoundland. His account of his experiences was recorded in his book "Newfoundland and its untrodden ways." You will be able to hunt this same ground, virtually unchanged. Rifles of 30 caliber and loaded with 180 grain bullets are proven effective for woodland caribou hunting. CARIBOU HUNTING SUCCESS RATE = 95% (past three years))

Muzzleloader Rifle Hunting Stalking

Woodland caribou

Package Trip Transfer
Fly-in 7-day Woodland Caribou Hunt Fly-in 7-day Woodland Caribou Hunt Fly-in 7-day Woodland Caribou Hunt Fly-in 7-day Woodland Caribou Hunt Fly-in 7-day Woodland Caribou Hunt
Package price
for 7 days, 1 hunter

Trip available on: 15 Sep 2019 17 Nov 2019

6 days

Spring Black Bear Hunt Quebec, Canada

We cover a very large territory and we have some of the best guides available to maximize your success. This regions we hunt in produces bears averaging 200 pounds and and our lodge keep a kill ratio of 90% or more. Every year we have taken bears weighing over 400 pounds. Most of the shots are between 15 and 35 yards. You can use rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns, and bows. Make sure to specify your special needs so that whether you use bow, black powder, rifle, or shotgun, you will be satisfied. To make sure your trip is not only successful but also trouble free, we do everything for you: track your bear, bring it back to camp, skin it, and prepare the meat (freeze it) and pelts for your return trip. We will also fill out all the paper work (export tag ). We put a lot of time and money into our baiting. Baiting starts in early April and runs until the end of June. Every bait site is chosen and started by the owner and checked every second day all through the hunting season. We use pastries and meat for our baiting. In a normal season we will go through 25 tons of pastries and about 10 tons of meat. A few other ingredients are used in smaller quantities. An average of 100 active baits sites are used to ensure success. You will get as many baits as you need to get your bear. In the past our customers have achieved a 98% sighting ratio, so our baiting program really works! Many of our customers see numerous bears a day.

Muzzleloader Bow Hunting High Seat Rifle Hunting Shotgun Hunting

Black bear

Package Trip Fishing Dangerous Game Predators
Spring Black Bear Hunt Spring Black Bear Hunt Spring Black Bear Hunt Spring Black Bear Hunt Spring Black Bear Hunt
Package price
for 6 days, 1 hunter

Trip available on: 19 May 2019 30 Jun 2019

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