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White tailed deer hunting from a blind trips {{ totalTours }}

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White tailed deer hunting from a blind trips 156 hunts

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5 days

300 Acre Crossbow Opener Kentucky, United States

300+- acre destination with food plots, corn auto-feeders, tree stands pre-hung, etc. Technically you have access to 500 acres, but you can read below - ZERO road frontage which means even better hunting. 5 days of hunting. Arrive the day before to check out the land in the daylight and create your own plan if you'd like. Basic cabin free to use that is about 7 years old. Foot plots will vary. Could be 8 acres of alfalfa, 40 acres of corn, a few 1/2 acre pieces of brassicas, browse of alfalfa and grasses, etc. The 3 corn feeders will concentrate deer as well. 125' Minimum buck rule. No does to be shot (saved for end of season hunting only). This is for trophy hunting No big fines per inch for undersized bucks, but if you make a mistake, leave $200 and still be happy with your deer. We just want you to take an extra second to make sure it's not just a young 8 pointer that looks good. There is an additional 200 acres to the property. There are pockets of woods throughout the additional 200 as an option place to hunt I'd say it is 20% wooded that you are free to scout and hunt as well, but there are about 40 cattle in the irregular shaped open fenced area. Lots of wooded "fingers" on the property and the deer will graze w/ the cattle as well. You can access the 200 in 2 different directions, 1 of which should bypass all cattle. The cattle occupy maybe 10 acres at a time. You will get a map of the food plot locations as well as treestand, parking, and corn feeder locations. When being able to hunt such a large piece of land, there are chores required so you as a hunter are not paying $10,000 per month on a mortgage payment, so realize my partner might very well have to bring out some hay for feed mid-day or even stop at your camp site and say hello. *Ignore deer photos other than the map. The other deer photos are from my other property.

Hunting From A Blind Bow Hunting High Seat

White-tailed deer

Package Trip Self-guided No Accommodation
300 Acre Crossbow Opener
Package price
for 5 days, 1 hunter

6 reviews

Trip available on: 1 Oct 2019 5 Oct 2019

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