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Where to hunt Racoon Dog

Racoon Dog is a small predator that resembles in appearance the American Racoon, although the species are completely unrelated. Racoon Dog originated in the woods of the Asian Pacific, inhabiting parts of Russia, Korea, Japan, and China. The Soviets introduced it across the USSR; the animals caught on and are now found in many European countries such as Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia. All European countries that have Racoon Dogs today list them as game animals or invasive species.

Price distribution

Racoon Dogs are usually included in small game or furbearer packages along with such animals as Red Fox and Beaver. Such packages usually cost between $500 and $2,000. The price depends on such factors as the country, hunting methods (e.g. whether dogs are used), and the number of hunting days.

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The Asian Pacific is a wonderful land, where denizens of the tropics such as Himalayan Bears, Tigers and Leopards may exist side by side to dwellers of the Taiga such as Sable and Brown Bear. Click on the link to learn more about the homeland of the Racoon Dog and the hunting opportunities for other animals that exist there.

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When to hunt Racoon Dog?

In countries that consider it an invasive species and a pest, Racoon Dog can be hunted all year round. However, if you want to harvest a Racoon Dog in prime winter fur, for a full mount decoy, the best period to hunt is the late autumn and early winter. Bear in mind that in the northern parts of its range Racoon Dogs may hibernate, which limits hunting opportunities for them.


Hunting methods

Racoon Dogs can be taken by a variety of methods. Some hunters use terriers and dachshunds to drive Racoon Dogs out of their burrows. Others use hounds and laikas to chase the predators when it goes out to hunt; this is similar to American “running coon hounds”. You can also hunt them from high seats at night, using night vision scopes or artificial light, which is often legal for Racoon Dogs hunting in areas where they are listed as invasive species.

Why hunt Racoon Dog?

Introduction of the Racoon Dog to Europe was one of the most ill-advised decisions of the Communist government. They hoped to “enrich the fauna” with another furbearer. The newcomer, however, didn’t add much to fur harvest, but instead levies a heavy toll on ground-nesting birds, including but not limited to Black Grouse and Capercaillie. Some countries, like Sweden, launch a dedicated program to get rid of Racoon Dogs. But, as it often happens, it’s easier said than done, and Racoon Dog hunting may be an exciting and challenging pursuit that helps the endemic fauna, too.

Fox, racoon dog and beaver hunt

Fox, racoon dog and beaver hunt Belarus

Fox, racoon dog and beaver hunting in Belarus.

Trip duration: 3 - 10 days

Hunting season: 1 Apr 2021 31 Dec 2021

Price from $392 for 3 days, 1 hunter
Racoon Dog

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