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Impala package offers

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9 days

2x1 Gemsbok+Wildebeest Pkg (7 Trophies) Eastern Cape, South Africa

PACKAGE HUNT INCLUDES HUNTER(S): 2 Hunters x 1 PH. The quoted price is per hunter. OBSERVERS: $150 per person DURATION: 9 days (8 nights), 8 days hunting all-inclusive including airport transfers. TROPHIES: 7 animals each. Additional trophies may be hunted as per the price list. 1 x Gemsbuck 1 x Black Wildebeest 1 x White or Common Blesbok 1 x Impala 1 x Springbok 1 x Warthog 1 x Mountain Reedbuck THE RANCH Sits on an escarpment (2200 feet above sea level) and has four unique biospheres within half an hour’s drive. This unique change in biospheres results in huge animal diversity. The landscape and habitats vary from deep wide valley bushveld with thick riverine bush, home of the Eastern Cape Kudu as well as Cape Bushbuck, Nyala, Warthog, and Bushpig. The sides of the valleys/canyons make for great vantage points. A lot of time is spent at these elevated points glassing for trophies. On the plateau above the valley lies the savanna and scattered woodlands. This is home to species such as Impala, Sable, Zebra, Waterbuck and Mountain Reedbuck. These plateaus also make great vantage points for glassing and the start of many long stalks. The savanna gradually gives way to the long rolling Bedford plains which were once the place of vast animal migrations across the Eastern Cape. These plains are where Springbuck, Blesbok and Black Wildebeest are found and often ambushed from behind the endless anthills which make for good hiding places. These plains give way to the Kaggaberg Mountain range with valleys and box canyons, home to the Eland, Cape Bushbuck and Kudu. NO HIDDEN COSTS The headline price is what you pay, excluding travel and taxidermy costs.


Impala Black wildebeest Common springbok Gemsbuck Mountain reedbuck Warthog White blesbuck

Package Trip Family Friendly Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game
2x1 Gemsbok+Wildebeest Pkg (7 Trophies) 2x1 Gemsbok+Wildebeest Pkg (7 Trophies) 2x1 Gemsbok+Wildebeest Pkg (7 Trophies) 2x1 Gemsbok+Wildebeest Pkg (7 Trophies) 2x1 Gemsbok+Wildebeest Pkg (7 Trophies)
Package price
for 9 days, 2 hunters

4 reviews

Hunting season: 1 Jan 2021 31 Dec 2022

5 days

Zebra Package (1:1) Western Cape, South Africa

HUNTING PACKAGE INCLUDES DURATION: 5 Days (4 nights), 3 full hunting days, arrival and departures days HUNTERS: 1 Hunter x 1 Professional Hunter. Additional hunters and observers welcome. TROPHIES: 6 animals 1 x Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Blesbok, Springbuck and Duiker ADDITIONAL DAYS/ANIMALS: Hunters are welcome to hunt extra days/species from normal pricelists A 50% deposit on Buffalo, Sable and Roan to confirm these animals in your package hunt The resident species on the property alone total 23 and together with our neighbouring areas we are able to offer over 40 species spanning over 150 000 acres. All neighbouring areas are within a two-hour drive from either of our luxury lodges. Our trackers and Professional Hunters are highly skilled at finding elusive game such as Klipspringer, Cape Greybuck, Grey Rhebuck and Mountain Rhebuck. You may bring your own rifle/s or alternatively we can offer rifle hire. Everything from sighting the rifles on the shooting range to the professional taxidermy of your trophy/trophies is taken care of seamlessly as part of our professional service. We cater for all levels of rifle & bow hunters and believe that we offer an unrivalled South African hunting experience. Prices are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. “E&OE” Errors and Omissions Excepted

Baiting Bow Hunting Hunting From A Blind Management Hunt Mountain Hunting Rifle Hunting Stalking

Impala Blue wildebeest Burchells zebra Common blesbuck Common duiker Common springbok

Package Trip Fenced Area Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game
Zebra Package (1:1) Zebra Package (1:1) Zebra Package (1:1) Zebra Package (1:1) Zebra Package (1:1)
Package price
for 5 days, 1 hunter

2 reviews

Hunting season: 1 Feb 2021 30 Nov 2021

8 days

Experience South Africa Package North West, South Africa

PACKAGE INCLUDES 6 x FULL HUNTING DAYS 2 x TRAVEL DAYS 4 TROPHIES: 1 x Blue/Black Wildebeest or Zebra, 1 x Impala, 1 x Springbuck & 1 x Blesbok For the first time hunter to Africa we have the best package at the best price. Come experience the South African rich wildlife on a hunting safari. We specialize in dangerous game hunts, as well as all South African plains game safaris and wing shooting. We will exceed all our client’s expectations and finish off their safari by already planning the next one! On many occasions, while hunting you will see an abundance of game as well as all the different types of fauna & flora in the area, giving our clients picture-perfect photo opportunities. Our concession areas make up a combined total of 380 000 acres. To accompany you on every hunt we take snacks and refreshments to keep you well hydrated and energized during your hunt. We have our own exclusive hunting concessions in South Africa in the North-west Province. We are fortunate as the area where we hunt offers our clients most of the species that are available throughout South Africa as it is a combination of bushveld, highveld and middelveld habitat systems. We tailor hunting packages to suit our client's safari needs, whether it involves Big 5 safaris, plains game hunts or bird hunts. We are dedicated to make your African Trophy Hunting Safari a memory of a lifetime.

Hunting From A Blind Rifle Hunting Shotgun Hunting Stalking

Impala Blue wildebeest Common blesbuck Common springbok

Package Trip Family Friendly Fishing Fenced Area Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game
Experience South Africa Package Experience South Africa Package Experience South Africa Package Experience South Africa Package Experience South Africa Package
Package price
for 8 days, 1 hunter

5 reviews

Hunting season: 1 Feb 2021 31 Mar 2022

7 days

7-Day Package 1x1 Namibia

Come and enjoy a plains game hunt with us. This 7 hunting day package includes 1x Oryx, 1x Impala, 1x Eland, 1x Warthog and 1x Steenbuck. Please inquire for available dates. Our clients consistently leave with top quality trophies, in the 2003, 2004 and 2005 trophy hunting season several trophies in Namibia were taken with us according to Namibia Professional Hunter Association (NAPHA). In the last few years, several of our hunting trophies reach NAPHA Gold Medal standards or higher, which is why so many of our clients have returned to hunt Namibia with us again and have sent their friends. Every Namibia hunting safari is tailored to meet your specific desires with your unsurpassed satisfaction being our foremost priority. Each African hunt is adapted to provide choice and variety of safari hunting methods, including bow hunting safaris. According to your quarry, preliminary sighting may be done by 4x4 vehicle with closer approach on foot, stalking and tracking, waiting from several strategically located permanent blinds or from a makeshift hide as the plains game hunting necessitates. As an compliment to your game hunting safari, there may be an opportunity, depending upon the season, for some action packed wingshooting adventure..

Rifle Hunting Stalking

Impala Eland Gemsbuck Steenbok Warthog

Package Trip Fenced Area Transfer Plains Game
7-Day Package 1x1 7-Day Package 1x1 7-Day Package 1x1 7-Day Package 1x1 7-Day Package 1x1
Package price
for 7 days, 1 hunter,
1 guest

7 reviews

Hunting season: 1 Feb 2021 30 Nov 2021