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Hunting from a blind trips in Africa

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7 - 21 days

1x1 Hunt - "The Best of the Free State" Free State, South Africa

Nestled between undulating landscapes and ravines of the Southern Free State of South Africa, this Private Game Reserve spans some 34,500 acres (14,00 hectares) on elevated plains, with majestic hills rising from the charming yet harsh and rugged African Bushveld, captivating the most discerning visitor. The reserve is unrivalled in its appeal as one of Southern Africa’s premier hunting destinations. We are also privileged to have the Lake Vanderkloof extending 25km (15,5 miles) along our western boundary. We have buffalo, white rhino, sable, roan and most other plains game species that are all available to be hunted. You will be guided by top-class full time hunting guides known as Professional Hunters (PH’s), ensuring not only an unforgettable experience but everlasting memories that will entice your return. The serene setting coupled with the day’s events will make for good conversation around the fire at sunset. We offer both the seasoned and less experienced hunter a hunt to suit their tastes and preferences. The reserve is vast and expansive, allowing a ‘walk and stalk’ hunt if you so wish. Hunting from pre-built hides is also an option. We can and do cater for all, we can hunt hard or take it easy. The vastness of the Reserve coupled with the varied topography makes every hunt different – from high open plateaus to deep thorny ravines, the environment is not only aesthetically pleasing but offers a different challenge on every day.

Hunting From A Blind Bow Hunting Driven Hunt High Seat Rifle Hunting Shotgun Hunting Stalking

Black springbok Black wildebeest Blue wildebeest Bontebok Cape buffalo Cape eland Common blesbuck Common reedbuck Common springbok Copper springbok Gemsbuck Giraffe Grey duiker Hartmanns zebra Impala Kudu Mountain reedbuck Nyala Ostrich Red hartebeest Red lechwe Roan Sable Steenbok Warthog Waterbuck White blesbuck White springbok

Family Friendly Disabled friendly Fishing Fenced Area Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game
1x1 Hunt - "The Best of the Free State" 1x1 Hunt - "The Best of the Free State" 1x1 Hunt - "The Best of the Free State" 1x1 Hunt - "The Best of the Free State" 1x1 Hunt - "The Best of the Free State"
Daily rate fee
for 7 days, 1 hunter

5 reviews

Hunting season: 1 Jan 2020 31 Dec 2021

7 days

Super Saver Safari Package North West, South Africa

PACKAGE INCLUDES 5 x FULL HUNTING DAYS 2 x TRAVEL DAYS 3 TROPHIES: 1 x Blue Wildebeest, 1 x Impala & 1 x Blesbok Come experience a safari in South Africa at a very affordable rate. Terms and conditions: availability limited to certain months, no exchange of species or days from this package, Limited availability of packages. We specialize in dangerous game hunts, as well as all South African plains game safaris and wing shooting. We will exceed all our client’s expectations and finish off their safari by already planning the next one! On many occasions, while hunting you will see an abundance of game as well as all the different types of fauna & flora in the area, giving our clients picture-perfect photo opportunities. Our concession areas make up a combined total of 380 000 acres. To accompany you on every hunt we take snacks and refreshments to keep you well hydrated and energized during your hunt. We have our own exclusive hunting concessions in South Africa in the North-west Province. We are fortunate as the area where we hunt offers our clients most of the species that are available throughout South Africa as it is a combination of bushveld, highveld and middelveld habitat systems. We tailor hunting packages to suit our client's safari needs, whether it involves Big 5 safaris, plains game hunts or bird hunts. We are dedicated to make your African Trophy Hunting Safari a memory of a lifetime.

Hunting From A Blind Baiting Bow Hunting Calling Driven Hunt Rifle Hunting Shotgun Hunting Stalking

Black wildebeest Common springbok Impala

Package Trip Family Friendly Fishing Fenced Area Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game
Super Saver Safari Package Super Saver Safari Package Super Saver Safari Package Super Saver Safari Package Super Saver Safari Package
Package price
for 7 days, 1 hunter,
1 guest

4 reviews

Hunting season: 1 Feb 2020 30 Nov 2020

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