Gabon's Duiker hunting

Also known as White-Bellied Duiker
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Where to hunt Gabon's Duiker

Duikers are found throughout sub-Sharan Africa and split into two main groups, the forest Duikers and those that inhabit the savannas. Not much is known about the diet and habitat preference of Gabon Duikers also known as White-bellied Duiker other than they are a forest Duiker species. They occur in central Africa and one Outfitter has a listing for this species in Cameroon which can be found on BookYourHunt.

Price distribution

Cameroon offers the greatest variety of huntable Duikers, however most hunters add Gabon Duikers to their trophy wish list during an 8 -15 day package hunt which normally includes Bongo and/or Forest Sitatunga. The additional trophy fee will cost approximately $500. This also excludes a hunting/license fee of €1600 per hunter. Prices for these hunts are often quoted in Euro.

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When to hunt Gabon's Duiker?

In the forested territories of the Cameroon the season runs from March 1 until the end of July. The best months for hunting Gabon Duiker are the dry months of April to June although their preferred habitat in the Cameroon is rainforest. They are best hunted at dawn or dusk when they are likely to be found feeding even though light penetration in the jungle makes it difficult to tell the time of day.


Hunting methods

Two successful hunting methods can be used if a trophy is not found during a walk and stalk. The first method is to conceal yourself in a likely place that may be visited by a Gabon Duiker and wait patiently for one to arrive. The alternative method is likely to be more successful and that is have the trackers imitate the distress call of a small antelope. These inquisitive antelope are likely to come investigate and you will have an opportunity to take your shot.

Why hunt Gabon's Duiker?

Of the 22 Duiker species, 17 are huntable. Although not big and dangerous, the Duikers take some serious hunting. Gabon Duiker take time and patience to hunt often testing your resolve in the damp humid forest conditions. Owing to their size, Gabon Duikers make marvellous full mounts especially when mounted with a little bit of habitat. A Duiker collection may also comprise of skull mounts but to truly appreciate your efforts you need to consider full mounting most of your trophies to appreciate the different Duiker sizes and colours.

Bongo, Dwarf Buffalo, Forest Duikers

Bongo, Dwarf Buffalo, Forest Duikers

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Gabon's duiker, Blue duiker, Bongo, Dwarf buffalo, Forest sitatunga...
Trip duration: 6 - 12 days
Season: 7 May 2024 - 30 Jun 2024
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Gabon's Duiker

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