East African Eland hunting

Also known as Patterson's Eland
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Where to hunt East African Eland

East African Eland is the largest antelope that you can hunt in East Africa, with some mature bulls weighing more than 2000 lbs/+900 kg. There are two subspecies of Eland found in East Africa, the Livingstone Eland found from the Selous south and the East African Eland also known as Patterson’s Eland that is found in northern Tanzania (Masailand) and in Uganda. Both species have white stripes that fade with age. Patterson’s Eland bulls are normally a little darker and more rufous coloured than Livingstone Eland. Mature bulls develop a dark coat, a massive dewlap and a brush of hair on their foreheads making it difficult to tell the species apart.

Price distribution

East African Eland is hunted in Tanzania and Uganda. Daily rates in Tanzania range in price from $3575 - 3925 depending on the length of the safari that ranges from 10 – 21 days and often includes other Big 5 species. The trophy fee for these Tanzanian hunts is approximately $2500. In Uganda, the daily rates range between $2600 and $2700 with a trophy fee of $3500. Some daily rates take into account other fees like community and conservation levies.

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When to hunt East African Eland?

East African Eland can be hunted from July to December in both Tanzania and Uganda. Eland are mixed feeders and can be encountered in an assortment of habitat types; this includes open grasslands, semi-arid areas, mountains, acacia and miombo woodlands. Adapted to survive off the moisture from the vegetation they eat, these animals can go long periods without water but are still best hunted in the cooler months as often these hunts involve a long walk when tracking these animals that seem to be continuously on the move in search of quality food sources.


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A similar track and stalk to a Buffalo hunt can be conducted on these species if not accidentally bumped during the hunt. Ensure you have lots of water, nourishment and well worn-in hiking boots. The tracker will pick up the fresh spoor and decide if the animal is worth pursuing. These animals can cover ground at a tremendous speed and have good eyesight and hearing. If disturbed that may take off at a trot that can kept up for a long time. If you get close to a walking Eland bull, you can hear the knucklebones clicking which all leads to the excitement of the hunt.

Why hunt East African Eland?

Being a similar size to a Moose means that not many hunters can turn down the opportunity to hunt such a huge animal. Just the sheer size of the beast makes this such an impressive trophy and with that, they make exceptional shoulder mounts.

10 Day Masailand P/Game Safari (2:1)

10 Day Masailand P/Game Safari (2:1)

9.0 1 review
East African Eland, Black-backed jackal, Boehm's zebra, Bushpig, Cape buffalo...
Trip duration: 12 days
Season: 1 Jan 2024 - 30 Jun 2025
Price from
for 12 days, 1 hunter
1x1 14-Day Safari with (Premium License)

1x1 14-Day Safari with (Premium License)

East African Eland, Baboon, Black-backed jackal, Burchells zebra, Bushpig...
Trip duration: 16 days
Season: 1 Dec 2023 - 31 Dec 2026
Price from
for 16 days, 1 hunter
2x1 21-Day Premium Hunting Safari

2x1 21-Day Premium Hunting Safari

East African Eland, Black-backed jackal, Burchells zebra, Bushpig, Cape buffalo...
Trip duration: 23 days
Season: 1 Dec 2023 - 31 Dec 2026
Price from
for 23 days, 1 hunter
East African Eland

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