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Where to hunt Camel

Camels, relatives of Llamas and Alpacas, originated in the New World, and crossed over the Bering land bridge to Asia when most other species went in the opposite direction. Most extant species of camels, except the Wild Bactrian Camel of Mongolia and China, exist as domesticated or feral animals. In the age of European exploration and colonization, camels were used to explore arid, hot areas, such as the American West (making it back a million years after), and the Australian Outback. Some of these animals escaped, or were turned loose, and formed feral populations. In some areas, the populations need to be controlled, and some outfitters in Australia offer camel hunting.

Price distribution

Shooting fee for a camel in Australia is about $3,000. The total price of the hunt will depend on how many days you will spend at the outfitters (the daily rate in Australia is about $400-$500 a hunter a day), whether you want to take along a non-hunting partner, and whether you would like to hunt any other of the species offered by the outfitter.

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When to hunt Camel?

Hunting season for camel in Australia runs from the beginning of February to the end of August. The best time for a hunting trip to Australia is usually considered to be the beginning of the Southern Hemisphere autumn, April and May, when the red stags and other deer have the rut.


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It is not known what methods our ancestors used to kill or capture wild camels. Modern hunters, however, prefer hunting camels with a bow or rifle, and use the traditional spot-and-stalk technique. The hunter and the guide cover the area in search of a suitable trophy. After the animal is spotted, the hunters carefully approach it, taking advantage of wind and shelter. A camel naturally sticks to open ground, so the approach could be challenging.

Why hunt Camel?

Wild camels are the heroes of many a legend of the American West. The US Army herd that was turned loose by the Confederates after the start of the Civil War, as well as those that escaped from miners and transport companies, wandered far and wide, inspiring awe and even terror in settlers with their formidable size and unusual appearance. As a matter of face, male camels can be very aggressive, and can even kill each other as they fight for females and for dominance. While in Asia and North Africa feral herds do little damage, in Australia, where ungulates did not exist until European colonization, their numbers have to be controlled – and hunting is often the best option.

4 Day Camel Hunting Package

4 Day Camel Hunting Package

Queensland, Australia
Trip duration: 4 days
Season: 1 Jul 2024 - 15 Jul 2024
Package price
for 4 days, 1 hunter
5-Day Camel Hunt

5-Day Camel Hunt

South Australia, Australia
Trip duration: 5 days
Season: 1 Aug 2024 - 30 Sep 2024
Package price
for 5 days, 1 hunter

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