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Lord Derby Eland Hunt

Lord Derby Eland Hunt Cameroon

Best time is from 15 December to 15 April. You will be hunting with your dedicated PH and his team of trackers and gun bearers, and will be using a hunting vehicle to move in within the area. Usual way to hunt is to walk or drive around looking for a fresh track, and to follow it up on foot until we find the specimen hunted that day. Sometime the animal can be also spotted and stalked. The package allows to harvest one DERBY ELAND + one additional primary specie + 4 secondary species. The price includes hunting 12 days on 1x1 or 14 days on 2x1

Trip duration: 12 days

Trip available on: 15 December 2019 15 April 2020

$35,400 for 1 hunter
Bongo + Sitatunga / Buffalo + PG Hunt

Bongo + Sitatunga / Buffalo + PG Hunt Cameroon

In the Cameroon forest the main species are bongo, dwarf forest buffalo, yellow back duiker and giant forest hog. Numerous small duiker species including Peter's duiker, red flanked duiker, blue duiker, Bates's pygmy antelope are also huntable. Gorillas may also be seen and it is a real treat to see these special animals. These sightings along with the abundance of small duikers is a sure indication of an area rich in game that has not had much local poaching pressure. Abundant fresh sign along with photos obtained on trail cameras also show that there is a healthy population of forest elephant for those who wish to hunt elephant. Bongo hunts are conducted using the traditional tracking method with dogs and their pygmy handlers. Dwarf forest buffalo are hunted by tracking in the traditional sense. This is a very exciting not to mention dangerous hunt as the shots are measured in feet! This year well known American pistol hunter Mark Hampton shot the second ever dwarf forest buffalo to be taken with a handgun while hunting with us. Giant forest hog, red river hog (more abundant) and sitatunga are hunted by sitting in machans (miradors) overlooking, natural salines and swamps. The package allows to harvest 1 Bongo, 1 Sitatunga or Buffalo and you can choose 4 species from: Giant Forest Hog Red river hog Yellow Back Duiker Peter’s Duiker Bay Duiker Gabon Duiker Black fronted Duiker Blue Duiker Bate’s Pygmy Antelope

Trip duration: 10 days

Trip available on: 1 April 2019 31 July 2019

$30,140 for 1 hunter
Cameroon Forest Hunt '19

Cameroon Forest Hunt '19 Cameroon

Hunt some of the most sought-after trophies in Africa! Forest hunting is exciting and the local trackers with their dogs are excellent hunters. Hunting is mainly on foot, but also from machans settled near the edge of large clearings. Bongo, Sitatunga and Dwarf Buffalo are some of the most interesting animals in the area, some of which make splendid trophies. Elephants and Giant Forest Hogs are more difficult to get. Hunting season: Dwarf Buffalo - March to July / Bongo and Sitatunga - May to July. The distances that we will be shooting can range between 25 and 75 meters. Calibers in the .300 Winchester – .375 Holland & Holland Magnum range are preferable. Telescopic sights with a 1x - 4x magnification are adequate. Most hunting is done by walking and stalking. The prices for 2019 may be slightly changed at the end of 2018, inquire for details.

Trip duration: 13 days

Trip available on: 1 March 2019 31 July 2019

$44,222 for 1 hunter
Dwarf Buffalo

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