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6 days

2020 Spring Bear Hunt in SK! Saskatchewan, Canada

Round out your hunting season with a Spring bear hunt! These hunts offer lots of action. Each site has nurmious bears. We have 25% colour phase bears with some real trophy class animals roaming around.This can be the perfect family hunt for a 1st timer. Yet even the most experienced hunters admit to the adrenaline rush when a big old bear comes in! We bait lots and are always looking for ways to get into the remote corners of our area and open up new unhunted territory. Our team provides transportation from Saskatoon to our camp. A company vehicle picks you up at the hotel or airport on Sunday morning to let the adventure begin! Your itinerary: Arrival in Saskatoon on Saturday – Book a hotel room for the night Departure at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning with the SWO Bear hunting from Monday to Friday Departure on Saturday at 11am, shuttle transportation from the camp to the hotel – Book a hotel room for the night Your package includes: Transportation from the airport or hotel (Saskatoon, SK) to camp One guide for two hunters Accommodations and food while at SWO's Camp 6 days of bear hunting Preparation (taxidermy) of your trophy Your package does NOT include: The plane ticket to Saskatoon, SK The hunting permit/licnese The hotel room upon arrival and departure Tips for guides/Cook

Hunting From A Blind Baiting Bow Hunting Rifle Hunting Stalking

Black bear

Package Trip Fishing Transfer Dangerous Game Predators
2020 Spring Bear Hunt in SK! 2020 Spring Bear Hunt in SK! 2020 Spring Bear Hunt in SK! 2020 Spring Bear Hunt in SK! 2020 Spring Bear Hunt in SK!
Package price
for 6 days, 1 hunter

3 reviews

Trip available on: 2 May 2020 31 May 2020

1 - 5 days

Goose and other game birds! Belarus

Hunting Time and Methods: - GOOSE: from the 2nd Saturday of March till the 2nd Sunday of May. Hunting for birds of any sex and age. Spot-and-stalk hunting, ambush hunting, beckoning, with call geese, hunting during migration are available - WOODCOCK: from the 1st Saturday of April till the 2nd Sunday of May. Hunting for males during the mating season. - DUCK, MALE DUCK: from the 1st Saturday of April till the 2nd Sunday of May. Hunting with beckoning and with call birds. Generally goose hunting takes place: - IN THE MORNING: in an ambush by agricultural fields where birds come to eat. It's necessary to be in an ambush before day (shelter, hole or ground cover) while the goose is at the overnight stop. - IN THE EVENING: in an ambush by a water body where birds come for an overnight stop. Time is negotiated and determined on the basis of birds' movements and client's preferences. Recommendations on outfit while game birds hunting: - Weapon. For a goose - it's more effective to use semiautomatic smoothbore weapons with extended barrels, shot No.No. 0-000. Shot for the duck No.No. 5-7, for the woodcock: No.No. 8-10. - We recommend to have face masks, gloves, camouflage cloaks.

Hunting From A Blind Calling Shotgun Hunting Waterfowl Wing Shooting

Duck Goose / Geese

Family Friendly Fishing Gun Rental Small Game Wing Shooting Waterfowl No Accommodation
Goose and other game birds! Goose and other game birds! Goose and other game birds! Goose and other game birds! Goose and other game birds!
Price from
for 1 day, 1 hunter

1 review

Trip available on: 7 Feb 2020 13 May 2020

5 days

Crossbow Opener Kentucky, United States

$1,200 for a single hunter / $800 per hunter when 2 or more hunters book. 400+- Acres - 5 days/night 125' minimum rule buck hunt. Arrive the day before to check out the land in the daylight and create your own plan if you'd like. Property is located in Monroe County. Food plots will vary. Could be 8 acres of alfalfa, 40 acres of corn, a few 1/2 acre pieces of brassicas, browse of alfalfa and grasses, etc. The 3 corn feeders will concentrate deer as well. 125' Minimum buck rule. No does to be shot at this time; doe harvesting causes too much disruption during a trophy hunt. Taking home a trophy buck is the goal. No big fines per inch for undersized bucks, but if you make a mistake, leave $200 and still be happy with your deer. We just want you to take an extra second to make sure it's not just a young 8 pointer that looks good. There is an additional 200 acres with pockets of irregularly shaped woods and open land throughout, but there are about 40 cattle in a fenced area. The farmer will likely feed them hay at noon, but it's a big chunk of land you are welcome to use as well that is connected. You will get a map of the food plot locations as well as tree stands, elevated blinds, parking, and corn feeder locations. Email if interested in just bow hunting (non-crossbow) Gun Hunts: $1,900 (SOLD OUT) *Ignore deer photos other than the map. The other deer photos are from my other property.

Hunting From A Blind Bow Hunting High Seat

White-tailed deer

Package Trip Self-guided No Accommodation
Crossbow Opener
Package price
for 5 days, 1 hunter

6 reviews

Trip available on: 24 Sep 2019 5 Oct 2019

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